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Generative AI, an essential asset for ecommerce

The emergence and development of so-called generative AI (GenAI) offers a whole range of very attractive solutions to create engaging product sheets, develop service content and improve SEO.

Marketing4 min

4 tips for internationalizing your online store

Selling online in other countries can be a great business opportunity, provided you take the right measures to internationalize your ecommerce business.

A man and woman engaged in conversation on a sofa.

3 customer acquisition tips for your online store

For ecommerce businesses—whether you have 10 or 10,000 customers—increasing your customer base is essential to growing your brand. But customer acquisition isn’t always as straightforward as it may seem. So how do online stores find new customers? First, it’s all about finding relevant people to get through the (virtual) door. After that, it’s all about building a relationship that proves the value of your product and brand. What is customer acquisition? Customer acquisition is finding people who want to buy what your brand sells. When you do it right, customer acquisition is a value-over-volu...

Success stories3 min

How Prestashop Hosting Contributes To The Success Of Caves Carrière's Online Store

Founder Éric Carrière and ecommerce manager Julien Huot tell us about the benefits and results of the PrestaShop Hosting offer.

Conversion6 min

AI, an ally for your visual creativity

Online sales success is largely based on visual aesthetics. Generative artificial intelligence offers vendors a great way to renew the appeal of their site by creating high-impact images, realistic product scenarios, and even using personalized virtual models. Read: Generative AI, an essential asset for ecommerce Illustrate your storytelling For an ecommerce site, buying art is an expensive solution that most often forces vendors to focus on product photos. In fact, mood visuals are rare, and yet they also contribute to offering Internet users a unique and immersive experience. Solutions such ...

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