Discover the PrestaShop affiliate program

Monetize your audience and increase your revenue by becoming a PrestaShop affiliate.

Be a part of the PrestaShop ecosystem

Partnerships are a part of PrestaShop’s DNA, as our community of users, agencies and developers grows around the world.

  • 1 000 000 +Community members
  • 1 000 +Contributors
  • 250 +Agencies
A helpful community

Find answers to your questions in our forum, meet other community members to learn and share expertise.


Developers, testers, and translators are constantly moving the PrestaShop open source project forward.

A network of ecommerce agencies

There are over 250 PrestaShop-certified agencies around the world ready to help you on your ecommerce journey.

Why join the PrestaShop affiliate program?

We want to develop PrestaShop’s reputation and the use of our solution thanks to partners linked to the ecommerce ecosystem, entrepreneurship, marketing, technology…

Our objective is to develop synergies, to create trustworthy and long-lasting partnerships where everyone sees a benefit.

Communicate with your audience on PrestaShop and be rewarded for the conversions generated. Download our solution, purchase modules and themes on PrestaShop Marketplace, and subscribe to the Hosted offer… Our compensation plan is extremely varied.

How to become a PrestaShop affiliate?

The process is quick and easy, join the PrestaShop affiliate community in 3 steps:

  • Apply to the PrestaShop affiliate program
  • Wait for your approval and access the various content
  • Embed affiliate links to PrestaShop on your web pages


Is registration for the PrestaShop affiliate program free?

Yes, your registration for our affiliate program is completely free, fast and easy.

Can I become a PrestaShop affiliate in any country?

Yes, because the PrestaShop solution and each product is available worldwide, we do not have any location restrictions on our affiliates.

What is available to PrestaShop affiliates?

From our affiliation platform, you will have access to our banners available in 6 different languages, to our affiliates’ guide in French and English, as well as to our redirection links to and PrestaShop Marketplace.

Do I have to have the content I put on my website about PrestaShop approved?

No, we do not need to approve your content. However, we may ask you for any adjustments or corrections that may be necessary. We are also available for recommendations and optimization for messaging.

What are the remuneration and payment terms of the affiliate program?

All contractual information related to commissioning is available from the program registration form.
Not all products and services recommended by you are eligible for the same remuneration, and these may vary over time: consult the documentation to estimate your potential earnings.

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