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0.1s less load time is 8% more conversion

The performance of your ecommerce site should not be taken lightly. Discover our services, created especially to accelerate your site and your success.

Advanced audit of your store

An audit of the web performance of your site will define the priority optimization points to improve the conversion rate of your online store. The audit is sent to you in less than 48 hours with a list of recommended technical interventions.

Intervention on your site

Our expert consultants will access your site for 72 hours and improve any weaknesses found during the audit.

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Advanced online store audit

Website Intervention

Find out the detailed actions carried-out on each service.

Evaluations: Homepage, category and product pages.


Tests: To assess the configuration of MySQL and Apache, and Load test.


Audits: On the PHP configuration.

Front-end: Image optimization, mobile and web resources. Protection against attacks & CDN.


Back-end: Database, web server, PHP optimization, varnish cache configuration & code review.

The outcomes after the services are performed.

Front-end: Boost your Google Page Speed and Conversion rates.


Back-end: Optimize pages generation, Google crawl budget and scalability management of your website.

The benefits of a fast and robust website

  • An enriched customer experience
    Smooth and uninterrupted navigation is the guarantee of a good customer experience, both on desktop and mobile. A successful site promotes conversion and increases customer loyalty.
  • A reliable sales tool
    A robust and efficient site ensures that you can welcome as many prospects as possible simultaneously during high-traffic events (sales, flash sales, Black Friday, advertising campaigns, etc.)
  • Better SEO
    A fast website is a favorable SEO factor for search engines. Your store is also perfectly prepared for an optimal crawl of Google robots.

These stores have increased their sales thanks to PrestaShop Consulting

In less than a month, our website traffic has doubled and our page load times have been halved.
Julien BergisCo-founder of Les Raffineurs
Faced with a 50x traffic spike, the load time exceeded 3 seconds and the back office crashed. The intervention of PrestaShop consultants allowed us to recover in less than 15 minutes.
Grégory PairinCo-founder of Ocarat
Thanks to the new configuration of our servers and SQL optimization, we have reduced our hosting expenses by 30% and been able to accommodate 300 additional visitors per second on our site.
Lionel ObadiaCo-founder of Design Market
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