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The open source ecommerce platform, brought to you by the PrestaShop community.

Differences between the open source and commercial versions

The PrestaShop Project is the open-source ecommerce solution built by a global community of contributors since 2007. It is freely available to download, modify, and use to build an ecommerce site.

The PrestaShop company distributes and develops products based on the PrestaShop Project, like PrestaShop Edition, which include commercial services and support.

What's new with PrestaShop 8

Security page

Merchants can configure the shop’s password policy and manage customer and employee sessions.

Password strength indicator

Users now receive real-time cues of the password’s strength.

WebP support

PrestaShop now supports images in the WebP format.

Product page improvements

Significant improvements made to the back office product page.

Open Source Project Community

Since the end of 1.7, we divided our development time by 3, using all the modern tools provided by PrestaShop.
Benjamin BendaouiProject Lead Developer, Aérographe Discount
It's been a while since I've deployed a PrestaShop... You can be proud of the installation of 8.1 and its new features.
Yann CostesSales & Communication Director, Evolutive Group

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