Ecommerce Website Builder

Create an online store easily with PrestaShop. Join our 300,000 merchants who have chosen to sell online and grow their business thanks to our ecommerce website builder creation tool.

How to build a Ecommerce website step by step ?

Create your online store step by step:

Make sure you have the right legal status to open your online store

Download the Classic offer (install your store and choose your hosting provider) or try out the Hosted offer (your store pre-installed with hosting included). Compare offers.

Choose the domain name of your future online store website, deploy our ecommerce builder and customize your store with one of our ecommerce template.

Start creating your catalog and product listings and add new fonctionnality 

Set up an online payment solution and choose a carrier for the delivery of your products.

Open your Ecommerce store to start selling on the web!

Create an ecommerce site easily

Our turnkey ecommerce website builder tool assists you at every stage of designing your future online store.

Customize your Ecommerce site according to the type of business

Work on your brand image with an attractive online store that meets your customers’ expectations.

Offer intuitive navigation to your customers by clearly displaying the following information: delivery, general conditions of sale, GDPR, shipping and return policy, refund policy, payment security, etc.

All our themes and features are adapted to mobile devices and are fully customizable: colors, images, design and typography.

Create the product listings and pages of your online store

Easily integrate all the items you want to sell on the web. Our ecommerce builder allows you to create and manage a catalog with thousands of items and hundreds of categories.

Insert the variations and references of the items (or import them with a CSV file): price, size, description, EAN code, weight, stock, photos, etc.

Fully secure online payments

Each time a product is sold, an invoice is sent to the customer in PDF format. You can check the order status of each customer at any time from your dashboard.

Add VAT for each item in one click and view the final sale price. Activate the different payment methods on your website so that your potential customers can complete their purchases easily and securely.

Several online payment solutions are available. Accept payments by Visa, MasterCard, payment cards, American Express or PayPal and let your users choose: payment in installments, bank card or bank transfer.

Personalized shipping & pickup in store

The largest delivery companies are partners with our ecommerce building solution. Choose the shipping methods and set the shipping costs for each product or leave the choice to your visitors. Do you have a shipping service or do you want to set up click and collect? Our ecommerce website builder adapts to your needs and allows you to add personalized delivery solutions ideal for local stores.

Find the inspiration to create an online store

The best examples of ecommerce sites are available on our Examples of Ecommerce Website page.
Draw inspiration from these examples and create an online store site tailored to your tastes and the needs of your business.

Start selling online

Once the design of your online store is complete; add the PrestaShop modules that will allow you to create an effective web marketing strategy and grow your online sales.

Your shop evolves and adapts to your needs thanks to our partners' modules

Major ecommerce players offer modules that can be activated directly from your back office, to make your ecommerce project a success.

Develop your online business with a marketing strategy

Increase the sales channels and the number of features of your online store with PrestaShop modules: :

  • Increase the visibility of your products on Google and social networks
  • Add verified reviews from your customers
  • Create custom sales funnels
  • Add marketing automation tools
  • Access web analytics services from your store: Google Analytics, Google Search Console

Develop the sales funnel

To succeed in selling online, it’s important to choose the right levers. With our ecommerce builder, you can natively:

  • Add promotions and discounts on your product pages
  • Create a newsletter
  • Issue abandoned cart reminders
  • Recommend similar articles

Perfect your sales funnel by adding up-selling and cross-selling campaigns to increase the number of products in your customers’ shopping carts. Add a loyalty system or work on your email campaigns and increase the ROI of your ecommerce store.

Increase your sales through marketplaces

Improve the visibility of your online store and reach more potential customers by displaying your items on Google Shopping with our PrestaShop Marketing with Google solution.

Access the most important marketplaces like Amazon or Rakuten. Our modules allow you to synchronize all your sales outlets on a single interface and boost your online visibility.

Sell on social networks

Thanks to PrestaShop Social, you can easily display your products on Facebook and Instagram from your merchant site.
Create ad campaigns from your back office and increase your store traffic to sell more.

Selling internationally

Would you like to have a different store for each country? All you have to do is activate the multistore option. This allows you to access each of your online stores from a single interface. Thus, you can adapt your ecommerce store according to the specificities of each country: VAT, payments, languages and products.

A network of ecommerce agencies to support you

There are more than 250 PrestaShop certified agencies around the world, all ready to help you in your ecommerce adventure.


Manage your online store in just a few clicks

Manage your store from a centralized dashboard. Connect your sales outlet systems to your ecommerce to gain an overview of your business.

Make the right decisions through your dashboard

The dashboard in our CMS allows you to obtain a detailed view of your online store’s statistics.

Manage your items, orders, sales, turnover, and customer service, follow your statistics and make the right decisions with the 600 features in our ecommerce tool.

Online sales and stock management

Receive orders from your online store, manage them in real time, access shipping data, edit the invoice automatically, and use market-leading shipping companies to deliver your products to customers.

Analyze your ecommerce data

View your online store’s audience and choose the right sales channels. Focus on managing the products that make the most sales and adapt your marketing campaigns from your dashboard:

  • Summary of sales and payments
  • Most-viewed products
  • Items generating the most revenue

Our ecommerce solution gives you access to all your favorite tools, such as PrestaShop Metrics, Google Analytics and more. Get high-quality reports at a glance.

Do you do dropshipping?

No problem, you can export the orders as a CSV file and share them with your supplier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions when starting an online store

What budget do you need to create an online store?

The budget required to create an online store with the Classic offer is around €15 per month (minimum).

These monthly fees are for hosting your ecommerce site and purchasing the domain name.

You can add any additional expenses such as the payment system, marketing campaigns, delivery costs, etc.

It all depends on your online store’s functional needs and your target market’s browsing habits.

To create a store with the Hosted offer the pricing starts from €24 Excl. VAT per month and includes hosting, various themes, and preinstalled modules (GDPR, VAT, Marketing, Payments, Shipping, etc.), as well as phone or chat support.

To find the offer that best suits your needs, you can compare the features on this page.

What legal status do you need for your ecommerce business?


Do you have an idea for an online store?Do you have a product or market you want to test?
Microenterprises are ideal.

With a maximum turnover of €176,200, you can start selling from your online store in just 24 hours.
Your company’s SIRET and SIREN numbers will be shared with you quickly; then, you will be able to update the important pages: Legal notices, General Terms and Conditions, cookies and data consent.
Fill out the form now on the official Self-Employed portal website.

EURL/SARL (single-owner limited liability company/limited liability company)
In the event that your ecommerce turnover is about to exceed €176,200 or that you want to design an online store with others, one of these two statuses will allow you to continue to grow your ecommerce store with a ceiling of 7.63 million euros in sales.

SAS (simplified joint-stock company)
This company legal status is valid for entrepreneurs with an online sales business with stable revenues.
This form of business is the solution for all merchants wishing to open their capital to investors and evolve their online store.
For clear information on the legal aspects and formalities of your plan, we advise you to read the steps you need to take to create an online store.

What types of products should I sell online?

If you want to sell online, it is important to think about the products before launching because they will decide the potential profitability of your business, whether they are digital products, such as ebooks or software, or physical products that can be sold online such as clothing, jewelry or even electronic devices.

You may also want to consider selling services or subscription offers to earn recurring revenue. However, some items are subject to strict marketing rules or are simply prohibited. To find out more, don’t hesitate to consult our guide to the most on-trend items of 2023.

Create an online store with PrestaShop