Young man with glasses smiling in an office room
Marketing6 min

Is it time to refresh your branding?

This article will help you determine if it's time to refresh your branding, by asking you about some key elements of your brand. 

Conversion6 min

How to surprise your customers to increase loyalty

Here are some innovative strategies to strengthen the bond between your brand and your customers to foster loyalty.

Conversion4 min

Visual search is gaining ground in online consumer habits

In this article, we dive into visual SEO optimization for online stores, a topic both captivating and essential.

Success stories5 min

With buy-now-pay-later, Ravate stores boosted conversions by 30%

By integrating the Alma payment solution, one of PrestaShop's partners, the Ravate Group not only increased sales but also improved its retention rate.

Tech7 min

The role of geolocation feature in your global PrestaShop store

Geolocation in PrestaShop tailors content, enhances checkout, and boosts global store success.

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