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Conversational AI to boost customer relations

Thanks to natural language processing (NLP), conversational AI is able to simulate human conversation. This technology applies perfectly to customer relations. Though it currently only concerns 1.6% of interactions, forecasters expect extremely rapid development. By 20266 an estimated 1 in 10 interactions will be automated via chatbots and voice bots.


Assisting with purchases

Over the last few years, we've seen a surge in virtual assistants or chatbots on merchant sites to answer Internet users' most common questions. Their success lies, among other things, in their 24/7 accessibility. Unlike the classic chatbot, AI chatbots can interact with users more efficiently and autonomously. The quality of the exchange is not limited to a predefined framework. Thanks to their learning capacity, they can answer a wide variety of questions, even those they have never been exposed to before, thus offering a personalized user dialogue closer to human conversation.

A real personal shopper, they are the ideal tool to support the purchasing process at every step and improve your business' performance. The virtual assistant can inform users on the availability of a product, provide additional information, specify the return policy, give delivery conditions, suggest cross offers, help with placing orders online, etc. It can also proactively offer the best promotions at that moment or encourage them to sign up for the loyalty program.

Ensuring after-sales services

The virtual assistant is also a strategic tool for after-sales service. It increases responsiveness while reducing management costs. Thanks to its ability to understand and process natural language, an AI chatbot can interpret the user's intention, engage in dialogue and thus formulate a more appropriate response. In the context of complaints (late delivery, damaged parcels, damaged products, breakdowns, etc.), artificial intelligence offers significantly more relevant assistance.

An after-sales service assistant to:

  • Identify the problem through dialogue with the
  • Resolve the customer's problem
  • Transfer complicated requests to an agent
  • Enrich the customer database by saving requests in a CRM
  • Learn from exchanges

Improving your customer knowledge

Conversational AI's learning ability not only improves its responses over time, but also understands your shoppers better. In fact, during exchanges with customers, conversational AI solutions collect additional data on the behavior of your users, their preferences and expectations. After analysis, this new information can be used to refine your marketing strategy, develop better products and services and strengthen customer relations.

In every language!

Like any AI solution, the chatbot can interact in
various languages, facilitating export sales.

The advantages of an AI chatbot:

  • Accessibility: your consumers receive an immediate
    response, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • Conversions: increased conversion rates thanks to a better customer experience
  • Cross-selling: an opportunity to increase shopping carts through personalized suggestions
  • Customer knowledge: collect information on customers to improve your marketing strategy

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