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29/11/20236 min

AI, an ally for your visual creativity

Online sales success is largely based on visual aesthetics. Generative artificial intelligence offers vendors a great way to renew the appeal of their site by creating high-impact images, realistic product scenarios, and even using personalized virtual models.


Illustrate your storytelling

For an ecommerce site, buying art is an expensive solution that most often forces vendors to focus on product photos. In fact, mood visuals are rare, and yet they also contribute to offering Internet users a unique and immersive experience.

Solutions such as DALL-E (OpenAI), I-JEPA (Meta), Mid-Journey, produced by an independent research laboratory, or Imagen, the latest in the Google Brain program, are the main tools for generating creative images. They make it possible to design a visual or an original work of art from a descriptive text. To date, the difference between these solutions is similar to the differences between various human designers. Photographic quality, light, subject realism... comparative tests show a wide variety of results.

If image generation using AI is still confidential, for the moment, it's certain that in the future it will be used for marketing to produce key visuals, build a brand universe and a strong, differentiating and recognizable visual identity.

Enhance product presentations

Product photos are strategic for seducing and converting. Online shoppers require an optimal overview of the desired object, its texture, color, size, etc. Thanks to generative AI, new tools like Blend and Colorful Studio now offer a way to improve their perception of the product with scenarios. These can be realistic, like showing how a sofa would fit into a living room, or dreamlike to evoke a fragrance or touch. These solutions are much cheaper than going to a photo studio and make it possible to generate large-scale visuals in a limited time.

And tomorrow: text-to-video!

After text and images, sound and video!

Thanks to AI tools, text and blog posts are already commonly converted into audio and podcast content. Today, several startups, like ModelScope or Pika Labs, are starting to produce animated sequences. Despite still being in their infancy and of very short duration, only a few seconds, these productions will certainly start to enrich commercial sites in the short term.

AI-assisted creation also aims to transform customer relationships with personalized videos. Audiovisual marketing is at the heart of the ReachOut.AI, BHuman AI Studio and Sendspark solutions that generate unique videos from a single recording to send customers a personalized message. Sent by email or via social networks, their aim is to increase engagement rate and conversions.

Virtual models take to the catwalk

Last March, the famous jeans brand Levi's made a buzz by announcing a partnership with, a Dutch start-up renowned for its hyper-realistic avatars with different body types, ages, sizes and skin tones. An initiative that also seduced La Redoute. Photos generated by artificial intelligence will certainly disrupt online ready-to-wear sales. Image-generating AI already offers a range of solutions that are specifically suited to the needs of ecommerce, and that's just the beginning! It enriches sites and customer relations. By adopting these innovative technologies, e-vendors can strengthen their brand universe and offer a unique shopping experience that's more attractive and innovative.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Generation of an image with DALL-E 3, to illustrate a perfume, with the following prompt: 'Commercial photograph of a fancy bottle of cologne (or perfume), with an exotic, warm and fruity scent, displayed outdoors, for an ecommerce webpage’

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