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Generative AI, an essential asset for ecommerce

Content is a determining factor for an ecommerce site. It plays a major role in seducing, convincing and converting customers as well as optimizing your visibility in search engines.

However, its production remains time-consuming and expensive. The emergence and development of so-called generative AI (GenAI) offers a whole range of very attractive solutions to create engaging product sheets, develop service content and improve SEO.

  • 67% of employees feel that generative AI applications allow their company “to have a competitive advantage”.
  • 50% of German employees have a strong interest in these new technologies, against 36% and 34% respectively of Spanish and Italian employees, ahead of French employees at 29%.


Creating attractive product pages

Your catalog’s presentation is decisive for the consumer experience. It must convince in order to convert and, to do so, the product listings must be enriched with impactful descriptive content, or even tell a story. This is a major challenge that can now be facilitated by generative AI. In fact, the new natural language generators make it possible to automatically produce detailed, engaging and relevant descriptions from prompts (orders to be executed), or product databases.

If your catalog contains few references, you can use a generative AI tool like ChatGPT. All you have to do is fill in the prompt correctly, enter the name of the product, its specificities and advantages, indicate the keywords, specify the template format (number of paragraphs, number of characters, etc.), the expected style and choose the language.

If you have a more substantial catalog, it’s now possible to automate editorial tasks from data, extracted directly from a PIM tool for example. The system then uses all available data, taking into account SEO rules, with perfect control of the content similarity rate. These new tools are particularly suitable for marketplaces, ecommerce sites with a wide offer such as real estate advertising platforms and tourist offers.

These technologies have many advantages:

  • Budget control: automation makes it possible to reduce the cost of editorial production
  • Speed and reliability: the content is guaranteed to be without errors or typos and produced in a very short time
  • Access to exporting: these multilingual solutions automatically generate translations into several languages
  • SEO optimization: the tool is configured to optimize content structure and use of keywords, without content similarity.

Enrich your site with service content

To differentiate themselves from competitors, some brands invest in service content that aims to guide customers, advise them, and support them in their purchasing act.

These can be instructions manuals, recommendations or recipes. In all cases, they must provide a response to, or even anticipate, consumers’ expectations. How to wear a garment or accessorize it? Which beauty or health ritual to follow? How to maintain a household appliance, clean it, repair it? How to consume, prepare, cook, or preserve a food item?

For example, recipes are a chance to suggest product combinations for creative dishes and encourage the purchase of complementary ingredients.

This useful content enriches product pages, category pages, help sections and blogs. Designed using GenAI tools, it helps to retain customers, offer them a differentiating experience and build a lasting relationship.

Optimize and update your SEO

Generative AI is a real asset in the creation of content optimized for SEO. As we’ve seen previously, it can provide product pages, category pages and blog posts that target specific keywords and improve positioning on results pages.

An opportunity Google corroborated with the release of its own tool, Bard. The search engine confirmed that it maintains its criteria for assessing content quality: expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-E-A-T). Texts generated by artificial intelligence are accepted within this limit, on the condition they aren’t designed to manipulate rankings in search results.

Finally, the practicality of AI makes it possible to keep your site up to date by frequently renewing online information to improve the site’s positioning.

Generating metadata

Metadata plays a crucial role in SEO. Generative AI can automatically create titles, descriptions and alt tags for images, optimizing their relevance to the targeted keywords.

Generative AI is an invaluable tool for professionals and especially for ecommerce specialists. It revolutionizes e-marketing. Today, it enriches shopping sites, creates attractive product sheets, generates service content and improves SEO. These services are constantly and rapidly expanding and needed in order to stand out and maintain your competitive advantage.

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