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Marketing6 min

Is it time to refresh your branding?

This article will help you determine if it's time to refresh your branding, by asking you about some key elements of your brand. 

Marketing4 min

Why and how to sell (or not) your products on Temu and Shein? 

Should we succumb to the temptation of these marketplaces that promise the moon and the stars...or not?

Marketing4 min

Why and how do you integrate secondhand into your catalog?

This article guides you through the benefits and steps to tap into this booming industry.

Tech4 min

Overview of the most popular ecommerce analytics solutions

There are plenty of ecommerce analytics solutions out there to make it easy for you, and this article gives you a list of 5 of the most popular solutions.

A young man and woman working on laptops while sitting on a couch
Tech6 min

Predictive AI helping your performance

Tech4 min

Conversational AI to boost customer relations

Resources7 min

The Right Way To Use Price Testing Methods in a PrestaShop Store

Conducting price testing in your store can optimize sales, profit, and customer satisfaction.

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