Our brand platform

PrestaShop becomes the realest, most straightforward brand. A brand that challenges commercial babble and standardization to favor the independent thinkers and doers with an ownable solution.

Ecommerce growth has become more accessible than ever, 
yet uncontrolled expansion through existing rigid platforms often results in loss of autonomy and escalating fees.
Trapped in these restrictive environments, 
merchants, agencies, and developers long for freedom. Enter the new era of commerce.

Designed for true ownership and growth, PrestaShop breaks free from the constraints, 
offering customization, scalability, support, and genuine ownership. With PrestaShop,
embrace your identity and push beyond the limits set by others. We’re not about promises, 
we’re about redefining and taking control of your commerce. Let’s stand together 
for a commerce that’s truly yours.


The time has come for a new era of commerce in which business leaders can truly own their growth.

Anyone can start to commerce online very quickly. 
But unchecked growth is meaningless. The initial speed of implementation can turn into a long-term burden. Democratizing omnichannel commerce is no longer about accessibility but about ownability.


We build a truly inclusive solution for commerce to fully express its potential.

We believe that commerce is more than a platform. We believe that commerce is a human activity. To respect the business reality of each of our clients, to express the singularity and creativity of each of our users, we build the most inclusive solution. One that allows everyone to express their potential rather than enforcing a one-size fits all approach.

With PrestaShop take control
of your commerce.

We free you from limitations by providing you with a solution that guarantees optimal customization, scalability and ownership. At last, with PrestaShop you are fully in control of your omnichannel commerce.

Unlocking Commerce

The CMS market is limited to a few options. Most of the time merchants and developers feel stuck, and restricted
in a CMS they have to “cope with” for years.

The time has come for a new era of commerce in which business leaders can truly own their growth. This is why we built the most inclusive commerce platform. A solution for people to fully express their uniqueness and potential. A solution that guarantees actual customization, scalability and ownership. We shake up the order and push boundaries. We speak our minds. Loud and clear. Total transparency. We wouldn’t do otherwise. 
We owe you that.

Whether you’re getting started or getting bigger, we’re with you all the way, offering endless possibilities of development, all within your grasp. We don’t promise the moon. We help you reach it. If you wish. And that’s the difference. Sell as you are. 
Stop limiting yourself to what you were allowed to do. Because we stand for you. Because we stand for unbounded, unrestricted commerce. 
With PrestaShop, take control of your commerce.



Independent Thinking

Our free will is our most precious asset. It’s what makes us human, free agents who cannot be replaced by ready-made patterns. We reject the unrealistic standardization of commerce that limits business leaders’ ability to remain in control of their commerce.


We have built PrestaShop with merchants and developers. Our legacy is made of fellowship, solidarity and togetherness. We stand for our users to defend their freedom to conduct commerce as they wish and to truly own their wins.


At PrestaShop we value our collaborators’ audacity, creative thinking even if it means pushing us outside of our comfort zone. We embrace bold and challenging new ideas and make them happen. It is the best way for us to get everyone to fully explore their own way to conduct commerce.

The fervent advocate: Straightforward, Realistic, Passionate.

Merchants and agencies are too frequently limited by centralized, one-size-fits-all solutions. PrestaShop stands on their side, as an advocate that fervently defends their right to conduct commerce as they want.


PrestaShop stands as an unrestricted, bold and confident brand that operates at the same “level” as its users. A brand that truly speaks its mind and does not beat around the bush.


PrestaShop celebrates diversity, pragmatic thinking over blue sky elevator pitch by being the most realistic brand in the category. PrestaShop is the realest one, that speaks frankly to restore its clients’ independence. Unapologetic testimonials and statements are frequently used.


In the face of centralized solutions, PrestaShop fervently stands for merchants and agencies who want to retain their freedom, to control their growth.

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