Our Brand identity

Welcome to our brand book online to present how PrestaShop new identity comes to life.

Our brand

The brand book details PrestaShop’s spirit and brand codes. It brings consistency to the brand, both to its visual codes and its tone of voice.
Its purpose is to guide all collaborators and partners in the proper use of the brand expression. This brand book, through its rules and aspirational applications, is a real tool to support your creative process.


Graphic Territory

Just like the PrestaShop solution, the brand territory is based on the idea of evolution, of personalization, but also on our determination to give power to business leaders.

An efficient, flexible, intelligent solution, designed for all types of businesses, PrestaShop contributes to the success of its users. The strength of this solution also lies in its community echoing PrestaShop’s open source origins. Our brand territory is expressed this way – simple, powerful, evolutive and inclusive.

Verbal Territory

In order for PrestaShop to express our brand purpose, personality and values with distinctiveness through every point of contact, we developed specific guidelines to share with whoever writes for PrestaShop. It shares all driving principles, best practices and tangible examples.

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