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How Prestashop Hosting Contributes To The Success Of Caves Carrière's Online Store

Do you want to improve your online store's web performance by enlisting PrestaShop's expertise? Caves Carrière, a company that sells exceptional wines online, has taken the plunge. Founder Éric Carrière and ecommerce manager Julien Huot tell us about the benefits and results of the PrestaShop Hosting offer.

The History Of Caves Carrière

The history of Caves Carrière dates back to 2010, when Éric Carrière founded his online wine sales business, which also has a physical store in Dijon. The business works with private individuals and professionals in France and abroad.

According to Éric Carrière, his role is to "choose the right people who will find the right tools." Julien Huot, who arrived in 2019, chose PrestaShop to host the Caves Carrière ecommerce platform – a choice that neither of them regret.

The Needs Of An Online Wine Sales Company

As with all online stores, the customer experience is paramount for Caves Carrière. Shoppers must feel comfortable on the site and navigation must be fluid and intuitive.

PrestaShop meets all these requirements by offering an online store that allows them to showcase an unlimited number of bottles and set up simple search tools for customers.

The Caves Carrière site includes the possibility to browse different domains via a map of French wine regions. Photos of the grape vines allow you to see and explore the different appellations as if you were there.

The Advantages Of Prestashop Hosting For The Caves Carrière Site

According to Julien Huot, the main advantages of the PrestaShop platform's hosting service are reliability and security. The platform's support teams can also be contacted 24/7 to resolve any issues.

Easy access to the back office also means that anyone, even those with no technical training, can easily monitor all sales statistics. The ability to quickly and easily duplicate the site is another valuable advantage for the Caves Carrière online store.

Significant improvements in web performance

In concrete terms, their transition to the PrestaShop platform has significantly improved the performance of the Caves Carrière ecommerce site:

  • The TTFB: the site's loading time has decreased from 800ms to 80ms, a decrease of 1,000%
  • The bounce rate has improved by 10 points, confirming the relevance of user experience optimization
  • Sales on the rise: the conversion rate of online sales has increased by 16%

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