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How to support the growth of a pure player?

For the past 6 years, Evolutive Group has been supporting its client So Inside, an expert dealer in designer furniture at the right price. A collaboration that began on SEO services and support on social networks, before operating a redesign on PrestaShop in 2018. Since the beginning of July, the migration to a new hosting solution has been entrusted to PrestaShop Platform. What are the reasons for this? Interview with Evolutive Group's Business and Partnership Director, Thomas Rayrat.

So Inside has experienced significant growth over the past two years, which led us to question the hosting solution”
Thomas Rayrat, Evolutive Group's Business and Partnership Director

Can you tell us about your client So Inside?

So Inside is a pure player that started with an innovative idea, the black and white design. Since then, its offer has evolved to provide its customers with contemporary furniture at the best price. Its two founders, Charles and Grégory, are passionate about decoration and travel the world in search of the best products, mainly made in Europe.

What is Evolutive Group's mission?

Evolutive Group has been supporting the two founders for the past 6 years. We started our collaboration on natural referencing. The site was then in SaaS mode. We also deployed the brand on social networks and Adwords. In 2018, we proposed a redesign on PrestaShop to support the development of our client's catalog. At first, we used a template available on Addons. At the end of 2019, our UX and art direction experts stepped in to create custom templates that were more tailored to the client's needs. 

Accompagner la croissance d’un pure player du e-commerce

What is your vision of a digital group? 

At Evolutive Group, we aim to accompany our clients' growth as a true partner, taking into account their real needs. Not everything is possible right away. You have to set a road map and prioritize your actions. We are particularly proud of our collaboration with So Inside, which is based on trust. It's very engaging and challenging.

"We have a strategic vision of partnership with our e-commerce customers. We intervene from branding to acquisition, while ensuring our consulting and development business"
Thomas Rayrat, Business and Partnership Director of Evolutive Group

What made you turn to the PrestaShop Platform?

Our client is growing rapidly, a growth supported by acquisition campaigns and our SEO interventions. The latter have enabled the site to be placed very advantageously on common queries, alongside the large leading distributors in the furniture market. To support this work, we needed efficient hosting.

"Our goal in 2021 was to activate Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads"
Thomas Rayrat, business and partnership director at Evolutive Group

Accompagner la croissance d’un pure player du e-commerce

We work with about thirty partners, in all fields (logistics, shipping, payment...).  For hosting we also have several suppliers. But in this case, PrestaShop Platform was the best solution, not only because they are the best placed to manage the platform and the whole ecosystem, but also because their service is particularly adapted to merchants with more than 1 million online sales.  They were able to convince our client in a very concrete way. They carried out an audit in real conditions, with development of the site on a test server, and performed load increases before giving their conclusions. They are the only ones who operate in this way.

"Upstream tests suggested a performance gain of around 40% for the same budget"
Thomas Rayrat, Business and Partnership Director of Evolutive Group

 What were their commitments to improvement?

The audit report allowed them to propose an average TTFB of 546 ms vs. 1025 ms, a performance gain of 47% and a doubling of the potential number of simultaneous visitors. In terms of business, PrestaShop Platform is committed to better manage traffic peaks related to acquisition campaigns, but also to maintain and improve SEO positions, optimize the bounce rate and indeed the conversion rate.

"Our sales approach is to first demonstrate the value before the solution, a hosting and managed services offer."
Nicolas Rateau, VP MidMarket of PrestaShop

How to support the growth of a pure player?

How did the migration go?

In a fluid and transparent way. The support of PrestaShop teams is a real plus. We were really able to co-manage this changeover. The results are as expected. Moreover, this support is perennial since PrestaShop now provides 24/24 and 7/7 outsourcing.

What do you think the future holds for So Inside?

When we met the two founders, the site was generating a turnover of around 300,000 euros. By the end of the year, it will have increased 6.5 times to several million euros. Our goal is to continue to support them with the best solutions so that they can focus on their passion, sourcing design products and customer service.

Accompagner la croissance d’un pure player du e-commerce

Evolutive Group is PrestaShop Platinum certified.

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