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Why outsource your shipping?

Shipping and delivery are an integral part of the online shopping experience. Their efficiency is just as much a determining factor as price and the quality of products. In fact, 85% of online shoppers feel that a bad shipping experience would cause them to avoid ordering from a merchant's site again. Thus, the question arises of how to satisfy ever more demanding customers with expectations that sometimes vary from one country to another. How to choose the right transporter, monitor and manage returns, and, above all, deal with very time-consuming tasks? So many questions that can be solved by outsourcing your shipping.

What is shipping?

Shipping includes all the services required to guarantee transport and delivery of the products ordered, stocked by the merchant on their production site or in their warehouse. Shipping thus includes the choice of transporter, administrative management, in particular for exports, tracking and delivery status, processing any customer complaints and handling product returns.

The advantages of outsourcing your shipping

Relying on a shipping professional allows you to outsource all the logistics inherent to online purchases with a single point of contact. This ensures the best choice of transporter on a case-by-case basis, both locally and internationally, and custom shipping prices. It is also particularly suited to opening new markets with complete simplicity.

Simplify administrative procedures

The shipping and delivery process, especially when it comes to cross-border sales, is often synonymous with time-consuming steps for your internal teams.  When you outsource to a shipping professional, their expert services take care of all the administrative procedures. They handle customs declarations, produce consignment notes (contracts for the carriage of goods that bind the sender, the freight forwarder and the transporter), and finally, print the labels and packing slips.

How does it work?

From a single dedicated module installed on your ecommerce site, such as eShip for PrestaShop, shipping orders are sent directly to your partner who takes over and handles all the logistics for you. This same module gives you access to all the data related to shipments, including tracking, delivery status and handling returns to keep your customers up to date in real time.

Shipping in 5 key points


The shipping module automates order management. Shipping orders are automatically sent to the logistics service, who then handles all the steps required for shipping.


Depending on the order, the logistics service collects the products to be shipped from your production site or warehouse.


The logistics service chooses the most appropriate transporter to ship the order according to the conditions and rates defined by the vendor, nationally or internationally, to a home address or delivery point.


The logistics service handles all the shipping documents, consignment notes, labels and packing slips and manages the customs services for cross-border sales.


The logistics service handles delivery tracking, complaints and returns. You have access to all of this information in real time in the shipping module.

By pairing an intelligent solution with the expert services of Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE), eShip for PrestaShop automates shipping and ensures the management of your entire shipment and delivery process.

Discover our expert, ready-to-use solution: eShip for PrestaShop.

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