PrestaShop Order Fulfillment Automation with Fulfillment Bridge

Is Fulfillment Automation what I think it is?

Making a sale on your PrestaShop site is only the first step of a great customer experience. What should come next is just as important--an easy way to automatically fulfill your product orders that takes care of the whole order fulfillment process. The minimum you need is a system to pick, pack, ship and track your orders automatically.

So, are fulfillment automation solutions a smart option for your PrestaShop business?

We don’t know that yet, but we know that fulfillment automation is the best substitute for a global fulfillment network in your operations department.

When you have the right order fulfillment solution integrated to your store’s shopping cart, repetitive and routine tasks are completed automatically and even the most cumbersome logistics activities can be set to follow rules based on your preferences instead of doing the tasks yourself over and over, again and again...

The main advantages of a ‘fulfillment cloud’ include features that take care of orders coming from anywhere in the world, optimizing shipping times and fees based on the best costs dependent upon the shipping destination of your buyer.

Compare Rates From Multiple Couriers

The prime driver of a world class fulfillment strategy is data about your shipping rates coupled with the regulatory requirements to get your product to your customer destination country. Collecting all this information and applying programmatic intelligence to the information is the basis for order fulfilment success.

Any order fulfillment automation process is based on quickly evaluating data about your purchaser's destination address, the expected delivery times and, for crossborder orders, any regulations or paperwork required to allow the shipment to clear customs and then outputting the various shipping options available to your customer.

The goal is to go beyond a one size fits all shipping strategy (one that is often cost prohibitive to send items cross border) and start meeting customer expectations worldwide by delivering completely personalized fulfillment options that enhance your customer’s experience and ultimately allow you to make more sales.

Real-time Destination Segmentation for Smart Automated Fulfillment

With the basis on shipping intelligence, a great segmentation tool will allow you to easily select couriers that match specific conditions from the entire selection Fulfillment Bridge couriers. Here is not only the shipping attributes you might have set for specific countries, but also their activity and recency based on date and time parameters optimized to your preferences.

So, shipping intelligence collects courier data, and the segmentation tool is able to choose those attributes you have set for specific shipping destinations.

Being able to create segments allows for the most cost effective delivery options for all of the regions of the world where you have customers and must ship to.

Enabling dynamic segmentation allows your customers to choose - inside the PrestaShop check out - when they are completing their purchase and choosing their shipping options.

Winning With Fulfillment: Recovery of Abandoned Carts and Checkouts

In about 70% of checkouts customers add items to their shopping cart and do not finish purchase. This is when a cart recovery tool can come to the rescue, especially when mixed with an enticement, discounted free shipping.

Free delivery and other conversion focused tactics like coupon codes and low inventory alerts can be utilized to push your site visitors over the edge to commit to a purchase. You can offer free delivery on your PrestaShop checkout section when you have factored shipping costs into product prices or otherwise have factored in the shipping fees in a wider sales funnel.

How can I use an integrated fulfillment system to maximize profits and customer happiness?

Fulfillment automation cloud solutions for PrestaShop like Fulfillment Bridge help you make more sales from the same traffic by allowing you to ship to more places worldwide at competitive rates.

More money comes not only from increasing store sales, but also keeping valuable customers happy with quick order fulfillment and easy returns so they come back to buy over time.

Automate, refine, automate more

With the rise of ‘cloud based’ fulfillment, growing your customer base to more regions around the world, sending quickly to your customers will bring you more customers and grow business with less complexity than ever before.

Get started automating your PrestaShop fulfillment today with this PrestaShop addon.

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