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Free, Fast, Reliable Shipping: A Must-Have for Customer Satisfaction

Amazon prime has raised delivery expectations all across the country. Many online consumers now expect their online orders to arrive within two days, and they don’t want to pay for them. And studies show that poor shipping options are the number one cause of cart abandonment. 

This means eCommerce businesses must ensure quick and correct deliveries if they are to remain competitive. If you take longer than 2 to 3 days or charge high shipping rates, you might lose a large chunk of your customers. Let’s examine why free, fast, and reliable shipping is key to ensuring customer satisfaction and turning one-time buyers into brand enthusiasts.

Principles of shipping and deliveries

When your customers come looking for reliable shipping, they are asking for you to be: 

  • Dependable. Your customers should be able to rely on you to get their goods to them safely for free or at a competitive price. Your shipping price shouldn't fluctuate with the seasons. Make sure your store shows off these values in your marketing and promises to provide reliable services when it comes to shipping, whether it's free or not. 
  • Available. They want you to be available to answer any questions they may have about the order. Customer service matters. A reliable service keeps customers updated with the delivery status through email or SMS alerts. This practice keeps customers in the loop. So, they know when to expect their delivery, ensuring that they do not lose patience while wondering about their delivery location.
  • Durable. It is vital to deliver products on time and in pristine condition. You don't want customers leaving bad reviews online because their order wasn't appropriately packed and damaged in transit. It will put off other potential buyers and eat into your profits since you'll have to refund or replace the order. Customers also want to know that if the package gets lost or gets delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, you've got their back. 

The benefits

Offering fast and free shipping has multiple benefits for every business owner. 

Reduce cart abandonment rates

Many customers cancel or abandon their orders if it takes too long to process. You can’t afford to lose revenue because people are getting to the last step but not completing their orders.

Cart abandonment means your customers place items in their cart but leave your website without completing their purchase. One of the main reasons for this is the shipping cost. As a solution, you can offer free shipping, set a price limit for free shipping, or at least provide low-cost shipping options. Even if it’s not free, it’s good to have options.

Increase order value

If you offer a minimum spending limit for free shipping, it will increase the average order value. This is because people will put more items in their cart to meet the minimum limit and still look at it as better value for their money. Using this method, you secure loyal customers and compel them to spend more than they were perhaps initially planning to.

Boost satisfaction and loyalty

Shoppers who receive their orders on time are more likely to return to your website. Moreover, if you offer a fast delivery service that delivers items within two days, you become their go-to in an emergency. This encourages brand loyalty that ultimately enhances your sales numbers.

In order to maintain this trust, make sure other aspects of your payment experience are also top-notch.  Make sure checkout is seamless, and be sure to maintain PCI compliance so customers know their personal and financial information is safe with you. 

Entice with multiple payment portals

Online customers prefer to buy from an online store that offers various payment options. This way, they can prepay for the order in the most convenient way, or they can buy now and pay over time. That is the reason most eCommerce stores have both prepay and post-pay solutions, particularly for big-ticket items.

How to provide free shipping

If the customer is not paying for shipping, you will have to pay them from your pocket. If you’re not careful, this might result in loss as shipping is determined by the package's weight, size, and shipping distance. There are a couple of ways to mitigate that cost.

As one option, you can partner with a shipping company and always use their shipping services. This way, you will know the exact shipping amount. They might offer discounts if your steady stream of business is connected with a particular company.

You can also incorporate the shipping cost with the product price before listing it on your website. As a result, customers will be pleased with the deal, but you will not be losing money. Do keep in mind, though, that if your prices suddenly go up, repeat customers might notice. It’s best to make pricing changes gradually. 

Wrap up

With fast, free, and reliable shipping, you can attract new customers and maintain old customer satisfaction. An easy-to-navigate checkout process will help you make the most of your online store, and free, reliable shipping will help you do just that.

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