Essential tips for successful holiday deliveries

The Holiday season is certainly the busiest time of the year for e-merchants. This is why it is important to prepare for it as early and effectively as possible. This article has been compiled in collaboration with our partner, DHL Express, to provide you with the best advice on how to keep things running smoothly.

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Get ready for an unprecedented increase in orders

It's no surprise that lockdown has boosted online shopping. A number of consumers have ordered products online for the first time, and will continue to do so at the end of this year, even when the shops reopen.

At DHL Express, the peak season normally runs from the end of November, with Black Friday, until Christmas. In this period, delivery volumes are 40% higher than the daily average for the third quarter of the year. This is without counting on the effect of Covid-19 on e-commerce. E-merchants must therefore anticipate a sharp increase in the number of packages this year and encourage their customers to make their purchases as soon as possible to ensure they receive their order on time.

Most consumers will turn to online shops to purchase their Christmas gifts. Moreover, sales, offers, and other special promotions will be an important decision factor for your e-commerce visitors.

Don't forget your international customers

If your online shop has foreign customers, you will have to manage an increase in delivery requests beyond borders. Considering the complexity of international deliveries, with their additional rules and changes in regulations, it is crucial that your logistics team is clear about its holiday delivery strategy. Ideally, you should work together with expert logistics partners, such as DHL Express, who will be able to support you in managing high-volume deliveries.

5 DHL Express Tips to remember

  1. Integrate a Christmas delivery guarantee to increase your profits and make your customers happy.
  2. Make sure that your shipping policies are clear, competitive, and highlighted on the homepage of your site. Remember to provide an order deadline to ensure delivery before Christmas.
  3. Identify the most likely traffic peaks on your online shop in advance and ensure that you can respond to an increased demand.
  4. Act now, and take steps to speed up your site's loading time. Optimize the customer experience to generate more conversions.
  5. Manage your stocks well. If an item is out of stock, your site must display it. Remember that your order processing center is the engine of your business, so make sure it is perfectly managed.

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