E-commerce and environmental sustainability: from logistics to sustainable packaging

Each ecommerce project has something unique and different to offer the world. No matter how you decide to set it up, or how long it takes to achieve your goals, the important thing is that it works well and makes everyone happy. When we talk about everyone, we don't just mean you, your company and your clients, we are also talking about our planet.

The issue of respecting the environment and environmental sustainability has fortunately been on the rise in recent years, and is finding fertile ground in the digital world. The digital-native generation and smart entrepreneurs seem to be in touch with this sensitive issue, and this is certainly good news.

The earth is our home, the place where we live, and respecting it means respecting ourselves. It means giving our children a better place to live. These are very important concepts that are beneficial for everyone.

Where to start

What tools and means are at your disposal to make your e-commerce environmentally sustainable? Just in terms of nature and environment, saying and doing are completely different things. But don't worry, it's a lot easier than it looks. This is because sustainable choices are the smallest ones. You don't have to make one big choice or strategy, but a series of small choices that, together, will send out the right message and allow you to play your part in this beautiful trend that will surely pay dividends.


Logistics is one of the sectors in which you can intervene more effectively if you want to make your e-commerce environmentally sustainable. As we have said before in other articles, restructuring your e-commerce logistics from time to time can be really beneficial. By taking environmental sustainability into account when making choices during one of these restructuring phases will only make things easier and, more often than not, sustainable and economic choices will coincide perfectly.

Think about how much merchandise you move, how you move it, if you have your own means, and you can't help but try to at least optimize its use by concentrating the movement of several items in a single outlet, for example. You can then intervene on more structural choices such as those relating to the warehouse, shipments or supply timings.

Think about all the processes you set in motion and what the most economical and at the same time most environmentally friendly choices can be. There are no real general rules, but many small choices to make from time to time.


One of the elements on which you can intervene in a more important way is certainly that of packaging. Fortunately, the more we move forward, the more aesthetically pleasing, lower cost, and environmental impact tend to be reduced when it comes to packaging. Here, the choices are endless. Depending on what you produce, pack or sell, you can choose different, durable, aesthetically appealing and economical sustainable materials. Thanks to the increasing availability of eco-friendly choices, the cost of sustainable materials is ever decreasing, which is great news. This allows you to have good margins, make the right choice for respecting the environment and the planet, all while sending out a positive message to your audience.

Working environment

Another factor on which you can intervene very effectively is the working environment. Among many things, the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that smart working is possible and also very effective. If you have your own studio or a workplace where your employees meet, try to think about how you could improve it. If you can, try smart working for a while. This way, you will greatly reduce CO2 emissions from your employees' vehicles when travelling to and from the office, and you will gain valuable time, not to mention the consumption of office utilities.

Suppliers and raw materials

As you've seen, there are literally countless ways in which you can run your business while respecting the environment. Just make a few small choices as and when you get the chance. For example, as is the case for raw materials or suppliers you turn to for services or products that you transform or resell on your e-commerce. Next time you have to choose products or suppliers, look at their choices and if they are eco-sustainable you can continue the virtuous circle of respect for the environment.

Tell them how green you are

A brand that is environmentally conscious is always a good thing. Not just because it is worth communicating to your audience, but also because your actions may trigger positive reactions in others who may adopt these sustainability solutions. In short, you can set a good example with your project, for example by linking your Instagram feed to your e-commerce with this module, showing all the daily phases behind your project with great transparency. Whenever you have the chance, make the right choice for you, your e-commerce, your customers and the planet.

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