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Is your online store efficient enough?

Is your online store efficient enough?

The question may look simple, but answering it properly can be a challenge. In a competitive ecommerce landscape, an online store that can rely on the best software and the newest tools has a better chance of success than one lacking features or operating on a slow website.

To scale their businesses, online merchants must use the right tools and software. In this blog post, we will highlight a few modules that may be the ones you are looking for in order to improve your efficiency as a digital entrepreneur.

A new generation of modules

Built for PrestaShop modules are made to deliver exceptional performance. They are compliant with a variety of requirements and use the latest APIs from PrestaShop, ensuring seamless integration with the platform (PrestaShop Integration Framework). From the ground up, these modules aim to help you:

  • Enhance productivity: Engineered for efficiency, security, and reliability, Built for PrestaShop modules enable you to concentrate on your business without worrying about potential technical concerns.
  • Forget about website slowdowns: These modules operate independently of your server, ensuring that your online store remains lightning-fast. These cloud operations are also GDPR-compliant.
  • Streamline services: Built for PrestaShop modules minimize the need for most external service redirects, therefore significantly lowering the risk of connection errors.
  • Embrace flexibility: These modules can easily adapt to your needs, allowing you, for instance, to start with a basic plan, and then scale up to access additional features if needed.
  • Stay up-to-date: The PrestaShop Marketplace gives you access to the latest innovations via Built for PrestaShop modules, such as AI and virtual try-on.

Unleash unprecedented efficiency for your ecommerce

Time is money: save time with the right payment solution

Mollie, the payment service provider and long-time PrestaShop Partner, specializes in developing solutions for online merchants to seamlessly receive and manage payments. The big focus of Mollie is time-saving, and the newest version of the module — now a Built for PrestaShop module — goes even further by providing its users with a faster way to create their accounts and start accepting the most popular payment methods in Europe in just a few minutes.

The rest of the Mollie module's features are also designed to give you the most time possible to spend on your business; time-consuming admin tasks are already handled.


Create hundreds of product pages quickly and efficiently

If you're in a situation where you just imported hundreds or thousands of new products into your catalog, but don't have the time or resources to work on unique product descriptions, this Built for PrestaShop module might be for you.

Thanks to OpenAI's ChatGPT, this module can efficiently create content for your catalog items, making the product pages better for SEO and customers looking for more information about the product. This solution is especially appealing to online stores with large catalogs that are regularly updated with new products. With such volumes of content to create, the AI automation and content generation possibilities are welcome, especially for small teams that can't afford to work on the content themselves.

The cherry on top is that the module also has a bulk translation option.


Save countless hours while optimizing your data

If there is one module that doesn't need an introduction, it must be the catalog bulk-management tool Store Commander. After almost 15 years, one of the most popular PrestaShop modules is one of the first to be labeled "Built for PrestaShop."

Saving time has always been the main focus of the module, and its new adoption of the PrestaShop Integration Framework has brought it to a whole new level. Any time you want to work on data, whether it is catalog, order, or customer management, the latest version of Store Commander will be able to save you even more time than before.


An efficient online store is not only a way to improve your day-to-day operations, but it can also be a vital advantage for your business in a competitive ecommerce landscape. Saving precious time, reducing the amount of friction between your store and third-party APIs, and bringing the latest technologies right into your back office — these can really improve the way you do business.

This is the end goal of Built for PrestaShop modules, and we are only getting started, as more and more developers are working on new modules or updated versions of their existing add-ons. We can't wait to see how they will improve your store's efficiency, your focus, and your revenue.

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