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Ecommerce: what your customers really want 

In our most recent white paper, we focus on customers: what do they expect from an ecommerce site? What should you prioritize in order to meet those expectations? Here's a summary of what you'll find in this guide. 

1. Customers want the right message, at the right time, in the right place

The points of interaction between brands and buyers are multiplying. Therefore, vendors need to adapt their communication strategy to each channel and each persona. It's estimated that there are around a dozen... Explore our tips to make sure you send the perfect message to your customers, through the best channel: social networks, emailing, notifications, text, and many more.

2. Easy and simple navigation

Customers on online shopping sites want to find what they're looking for quickly, so you need to prioritize loading speed and intuitive navigation. When it comes to their expectations for online experiences, consumers are clear: find the desired item easily and quickly via filters, categories, and search functions, among others. We reveal four tips to keep your site performing well and meet Internet users' expectations.

3. In search of an inspiring brand 

Consumers don't come to an ecommerce site just to buy a product or service. They look at the brand and the store as a whole and expect a rich shopping experience that begins with detailed product information, informed advice, quality photos, related products, etc. This is where you need to focus on providing support throughout the experience and rely on storytelling to inspire and convince your customers of your values. Check out our tips for achieving this. 

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4. Make them feel like more than just another customer 

Customers want personalized offers, and they no longer appreciate non-targeted messages. At the same time, they are paying more and more attention to how their personal data is being used. Personalization, and even ultra-personalization, is your ally in this area. Today, there are a multitude of tools that allow you to precisely target a marketing campaign.

5. Trustworthy shipping

For customers, accurate shipping information and a high degree of flexibility in shipping methods are increasingly important, as is an appropriate return policy. Trust and transparency are still the top requirements for 74% of customers 

6. Flexible payment methods 

The checkout stage is a crucial moment in the purchase journey. It must offer customers a variety of payment methods, guarantee the security of the transaction, and allow the merchant to improve conversion rates. Whether it's offering your customers' preferred payment methods, one-click payment, or installment plans (Buy Now, Pay Later), there are a multitude of solutions available to you to lead visitors to the point of purchase.

7. Follow-up to develop customer relationships

The customer relationship is not limited to the act of purchasing. Online reviews influence customers, while a personalized touch and direct contact promote loyalty. As soon as the order is confirmed, the buyer is waiting in anticipation. Buyers' expectations have evolved and will continue to do so. The time when everything was played out in a simple, fast delivery has passed. From packaging to customer reviews, many details influence final customer satisfaction. The ball is in your court!

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