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Voice control in your store: make decisions without clicks

The E-commerce industry is one of the most dynamically changing branches of trade and the novelties published in it often find their way to other solutions in the Internet world. Personalization and omnichannel sales are one of the most important trends in recent years. The world has got us used to comfort and has shown us that we can order pizza by voice assistants on the couch. What if we would be able to move it to a different ground, more equal to world’s practice use?

Voice search is extending on more and more devices

Search engines have been known for a long time. Some time ago, their possibilities were extended by the use of voice as a mechanism defining searched phrases. Currently, the voice search function is supported by many browsers. Entering the address bar in mobile device it shows us microphone, after clicking we can say the address which we need or the searched phrase, instead of typing it in. Google in its search engine, maps and other applications provides voice search function in the search box on the website. What's more, today's modern TVs also allow you to look through available applications by the microphone and voice commands. Convenient, isn't it?

But what if we go a step further?

From practical point of view, it is a very useful function of gathering information from a given application or store, but not including all the shopping experience of particular customer. Today, internet sales are happening so quickly and mobile devices are such perfect devices that even construction workers standing on the roof in working clothes would like to be able to talk about inhibiting materials over the internet.

Voice control will bring the user to a new level of experience

The trend of the future is to increase the number of store processes supported by voice control. Let’s imagine a situation where a construction worker takes a phone out of his pocket and by voice control commands looks for something in his favorite store, enters into the list or category, makes a decision which one to choose and adds the selected product to the cart without any click. In next step, he finalizes the order, having in store the address of the investment on which he is currently working and to which ordered things should be delivered. In the store that he has chosen he can order now and pay later and the delivery of goods is in the same day by fast carriers. Taking advantage of the current, innovative trends he makes an order without taking off his gloves.

How can voice control boost your ecommerce?

Voice control is actually another communication channel with the user, improving his interaction with the store and making it easier for the one to make purchases. We could even say that voice control is the next sales channel in the omnichannel strategy for a given store. Ecommerce channel for making quick purchases, purchases of repetitive goods without using hands, which is an advantage that makes it easier to use by those that are not able to use their hands normally. This extends the quantity of potential customers of a given store that would have implemented such mechanisms.

Mobile version and more

Voice search in most cases is currently a function of mobile devices mainly. However, it can also be used on desktop devices. Voice control will not require from stores to be connected to voice assistants. All you need is a microphone connected to the computer that is used at that moment. What is important is to obtain the user's consent to use the microphone by a given website, which is not a solution from outer space today.

Ergonomics of use

The main advantage of voice control is not only convenience, but also the speed of operation. Voice commands will often be faster and more bulletproof than standard store navigation. By using standardized voice commands within a given store, the user will not have to look for the add cart button on the product page - customer will say this and the product will add itself to the cart. By choosing an advanced search in a given store, one will not need to look for how to run it - just say it. After its activation, a large number of filters will stop scary - just say the command: Filter – width, and the store will check if such a filter is available and will suggest its use. Simple?


To wrap it up, the use of voice to control store processes can take store service to a new level, providing the user with interesting and innovative experiences. Ease of use, ergonomics and speed will allow customers to make purchases even more efficiently. The issue of extending the availability of using stores for people who have problems with writing is also of great importance. Voice-controlled e-commerce may become one of the closest trends and stores that implement it may stay ahead of the competition. Who knows?

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