The Nine Essential Features of an Online Fashion and Accessories Store

If you run a fashion-oriented ecommerce business, then you’re already aware of the particular needs and challenges of selling clothes, shoes and accessories online: mobile accessibility, simple and fluid navigation and attractiveness are just the beginning.

Here at PrestaShop we’ve put together a list of the best modules for your online store so you can perform stronger in every aspect of your business. Adopt these e-commerce best practices to optimize your fashion store!

User-friendly navigation

Responsive web design
When shopping for fashion, 45-60% of customers use a mobile device, either to browse before going to a store, or to make purchases directly. Don't miss out on their business!
Choose a responsive design template for these potential customers.

Tip: use filters to choose the style of your store's design (clean effect, minimalist, modern, etc.)

Infinite scrolling
Just like the big fashion brands, let your customers view your collection without having to switch pages constantly. Reduce the number of clicks and ease navigation in order to hold your customers' attention on your products—and only your products—with an infinite scroll feature.

Show products in different colors
Are your products available in different colors? Improve your category pages by showing every version of your products. For example, let's say a visitor is looking for a red dress. With a glance at a category page, she can find just what she wants. Without this feature, navigating gets complicated. The visitor must click on every dress to see if it is available in red. You must avoid discouraging the visitor (who may leave your site) at all costs by displaying all your products by range.

Filters, facets and brands
It is simple and quick for your users to select filters (product type, size, color, etc.) in order to see only the products they want that are available in the store. To offer this feature on your site, all you need to do is use filter tools, and faceted search and navigation.
Are you a reseller? Don't forget to let your users navigate by brand to optimize your conversions.

Expert tip: MODZ increased its conversion rate by 37% and its return visit rate by 25% by implementing search filters to guide users directly towards items in their size.

Customer Satisfaction and Reduced Product Returns

Size Guide
90% of online stores do this. No matter whether you sell clothes, underwear, jewelry or belts, offer a size guide. This helps you guide your customers to the products that fit them, optimizing client satisfaction, and in particular reducing the need for after-sales service.

Product Composition
Be sure to clearly show the product composition, materials used, and even washing instructions for the fabric. There are many reasons to show this information, such as quality assurance of your products and allergies to certain materials, among others, but two in particular stand out:

  • The more detailed your product pages are, the fewer product returns you will have;
  • A comprehensive page optimizes your natural SEO.

All the more reason to take advantage of it!

Encouraging purchases

All customers want to see, touch and try before buying. In e-commerce, seeing has replaced touching. So it's essential to provide:
high-quality visuals (at least two per product)
zoom views to better display products' materials and colors.

Expert tip: Etam saw its online sales grow by 15% after placing visuals of lingerie sets being modeled on the online category pages. Clients now had a better view of the product and were encouraged to click on the product page.

Labels and badges to promote your products
"Best Seller", "Favorite", "Special Offer", "Premium Delivery"... By adding badges tailored to your products you capture your visitors' full attention right from your store's home page.
These labels also let you emphasize information on your product pages about materials used ("100% cotton", "solid gold", etc.) or the manufacturing country.

Inspire your customers by showing them an outfit that uses a combination of products.
A lookbook encourages your customers not just to make a purchase, but also to fill up the average shopping basket, since they choose several items instead of just one.

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