PrestaShop v1.6.0.9 is available for download!

Update 11/08/2017: PrestaShop has released its v1.7 in November 2016. All sub-versions of the v1.6 are still fully functional, and the v1.6 will continue to receive updates and support up until end of November 2018. We strongly recommend you to download the latest version of PrestaShop or look into migrating towards our V[prestashop_last_version:latest_stable_version_number].

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Today we released the latest version of PrestaShop: v1.6.0.9

In this new version, our development team responded to the feedback coming from 69 users in our amazing community! Thanks to their great contributions, you will find lots of enhancements plus some fixes to reported issues on the PrestaShop 1.6.

The most important improvements include:

  • Smarty update to 3.1.19 - Improvements for the Block Layered Navigation
  • Optimization of the database loading time for large catalogs and categories
  • Better implementation of HTML Purifier
  • Mobile detection has been updated for improved stability

Additional details can be found in the Forge and GitHub. You can view the full list of improvements in the Changelog.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that PrestaShop users can directly participate in our development activities by joining the PrestaShop User Club. This group of users receives early access to new versions and provides direct input to our development team. If you’re interesting in joining this group, you can learn more here or register directly here.

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