Differences between online store and marketplace: which one is right for you?

Selling online is becoming increasingly simple and profitable over time. Using digital market is now much safer than in years past. This is because the tools and professionals within this ecosystem have become increasingly reliable as the market continues to grow and expand.

However, not all online sales projects start with the same requirements, the same challenges, the same strengths and the same mission. That's why, before launching your online business, it's important to consider whether you should create an e-commerce or maybe start by selling via a marketplace.

E-commerce: how it works and when it's suitable

If you've come this far, you probably already know what an e-commerce is. What you may not know is how it works and what it takes to make one from scratch. Creating an e-commerce to sell your products or services is always a good idea if you have clear ideas about what you have at your disposal and what your goals are. The advantages of having your own e-commerce are certainly linked to the total control you have over the logistics phase.

This means being able to manage shipments, packaging, procurement, suppliers etc. as you see fit. Other advantages are related to the perception of your brand by your audience. Another great advantage is the free control you have over your user experience, design and user data, which you can use to improve your direct relationship with them and create more personalized experiences. You cannot do this on a marketplace, as the site itself acts as a mediator between you and the user.

Clear ideas and substantial benefits

If you have clear ideas about your current numbers and the goals you want to achieve, the means and tools at your disposal and if you are ready to invest, then e-commerce could be the solution for you. The advantages this system offers are really substantial, and if you do a good job, you will reap the benefits almost immediately.

Marketplace, how it works and when it is suitable

A marketplace, as the name suggests, is a digital place where customers and traders meet to make purchases and sales. In order to understand the advantages of this system, you have to start with your own needs. If you have a brilliant idea and you have products or services that you think have good potential but want to proceed with caution and not invest everything straight away, opting to sell via a marketplace could be just right for you.

This does not mean that this system is only for emerging companies that want to enter online selling. On the contrary, it can be good even if you have an established company with one or more physical retailers already set up and you want to start testing the digital sales potential of your items without having to create an e-commerce from scratch.

Prudence pays

If you're still considering entering the online retail world, if you're not sure whether your time, energy and funding efforts are actually worth the benefits of having your own e-commerce, then this option could be for you. You can use the marketplace to showcase your products, take time to continue structuring your project, earn and save funds to invest, and study how the public responds to your offer.

Why not both

One of the advantages of online retail is that if you choose to take the e-commerce route you don't have to give up the marketplace. Nothing prevents you from selling the same products or services you offer on your e-commerce on one of the many marketplaces that can put you in touch with your ideal customers.

Your presence on a marketplace can be a good strategy to increase the number of customers and also paradoxically the volumes of incoming traffic to your online store. Another effective solution can be to feel the ground with dedicated modules, such as this one, which allows you to transform your site into a marketplace in a simple, intuitive and fast way.

Strategic call to action

This is for when customers who have bought and enjoyed your products on a marketplace may want to buy directly from your e-commerce the next time, especially if you invite them to do so with targeted CTOs. It is specially designed for marketplace shoppers and invites your new customers to try out the shopping experience directly through your e-commerce. Discounts and vouchers, just like good quality content, play a key role in this process.

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