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Save the credit card for future payments: An asset for conversion and retention

As an ecommerce site owner, you know that every detail is important to improve your conversions and revenue. The subject of payment is certainly one of the most important, since it usually represents the final stage of the customer journey. In this article, we'll explore why saving credit card data for future payments can not only simplify your customers' lives, but also boost your conversions and loyalty.

Why offer card registration?

Imagine: a customer arrives at your PrestaShop site, finds the product of their dreams, adds it to their cart... then abandons at the payment stage because they don't want to fill out their payment information. Frustrating, right?

This is where the card registration solution comes into play. By allowing your customers to save their payment information for future transactions, you're giving them a smoother and faster shopping experience. In short, less friction equals more conversions.

Security and trust are the keywords

Now, let's address the delicate aspect of this feature: security. Ensuring the security of transactions is essential for your online store to earn and maintain your customers' trust.

To do this, explain to your customers clearly that their data is securely encrypted and stored in accordance with current standards. With a trusted online payment service, your customers' card information is securely stored. These systems also offer a double guarantee: compliance with data-security standards and reduced risks of fraud.

This transparency builds trust and can even become a selling point: "With us, purchasing is both easy and safe."

Increase loyalty through simplified recurring purchases, loyalty programs and promotions

Saving card information makes the first purchase easy, and subsequent purchases even easier. A customer who is satisfied with the simplicity of their first experience has every reason to come back. Why look elsewhere if buying from you is so easy and safe?

You can even consider loyalty programs or exclusive promotions for users who opt for this feature. These initiatives can take various forms, for example, bonus loyalty points for each purchase or specific discounts on certain product lines when customers use a saved card.

These are simple and effective ways to boost the incentive for customers to use your bank card registration service.

Optimize the subscription experience with saved payment methods

The ability to save a payment method also paves the way for recurring payments. This feature is ideal for subscription-based business models and allows customers to be billed at regular intervals without their intervention.

This automation has two advantages. For the customer, saving a payment method avoids interruptions that could lead them to reconsider their subscription. For the online store, you have a better idea of cash flow for more accurate resource allocation and financial planning.

This regularity is also beneficial for managing stock or adjusting marketing strategies according to the needs and preferences of subscribers, thus offering a better-adapted and more personalized response to demand.

Reducing fraud and declined payments is a collateral benefit

Less obvious, but just as important, secure bank card registration can help reduce fraud. Modern payment systems include security checks that filter out suspicious transactions. By encouraging your customers to save their cards, you reduce fraud risk. An important advantage for both you and your customers.

Another notable benefit of saving card data is that it minimizes refused payments. Thanks to automatic card-information update services, expired data is updated in real time. This system avoids service interruptions and guarantees continuity in transactions.

This process plays a key role in maximizing your sales and ensuring a flawless customer experience.


Saving credit card data is more than just a convenience, it's a winning strategy to improve your customer conversion and loyalty. By offering this option, you show that you value their time and safety. So this feature boosts their trust and commitment to your brand. With the right tools and clear communication on security, you can make saving card data a powerful driver for the growth of your PrestaShop store. Remember: when you save time for your customers, they have more time to discover and love your products


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