​​​​​​​Time to bridge the mobile gap!

Mobile e-commerce traffic is increasing rapidly and is today larger than the PC traffic. But mobile sales are not developing at the same rate. There is still a big gap between sales in mobile web shops and sales in PC web shops. Time to realize that responsive design are struggling to deliver conversion and sales as expected in mobile-touch based devices.


Mobile is a behavior not a device.

The main reason for this gap is that responsive design only tries to squeeze a PC design into a smaller screen and does not utilize the 3 unique advantages of mobile/touch devices: very visual, intuitive and tactile.
Based on these 3 advantages we have developed a genuine "Mobile First" user interface Add-On product - Touchize Commerce. This Add-On is based on a drag & drop interface that gives the consumer an easier and faster way to buy products, just like in a physical store.


Feeling is believing!

The easiest way to experience the Touchize Commerce product is to take your mobile or tablet (not available on PC) and go to one of our first PrestaShop customer here in Sweden: www.nettotobak.com
Drag the product to the basket and press "Betala" (Swedish for "pay")


Touchize Commerce gives:

- The mobile consumer a simpler and faster shopping experience.

- The e-merchant more customers going to checkout, with more products in the basket and larger sales sum.

A/B tests with traditional responsive design statistics shows decreased bounce rates, increased number of products in the basket and increased sales


Do you want to give your customer a simpler, faster mobile shopping experience?

If you think this sounds interesting and you have a PrestaShop 1.6 web shop let's talk.

We are looking for progressive PrestaShop e-commerce merchants in Europe for more pilot shops.


Written by Stefan Mumm

Product Manager - Founder

[email protected]

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