How to take your ecommerce ERP to the next level with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The success of your ecommerce lies in the superior user experience, relevant data collection, and integration. Integrated solutions ensure higher efficiency, more accurate order fulfillment, less human errors. Everything that provides you competitive advantage and leads to business growth. An easy to install integration module to link your store with the cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP may just deliver you that. Find out how PrestaShop eShop and Microsoft ERP working together can help your business thrive. 

Data is everything today

Digital solutions and data integration play a crucial role in making ecommerce business efficient and profitable. In the beginning, most handle all tasks themselves using simple tools such as spreadsheets to manage orders, while order fulfillment is carried out manually. Things get much more challenging when the store grows; catching up with time may become a burden; data stored in the spreadsheets delay the decisions and complicate handling orders, additional staff is required, which not only increases the costs but the number of human errors as well. System integrations ensure smooth data transition between the systems in real-time, letting merchants see real-time changes in the balance of goods, respond immediately to decreasing stocks, organize work, and avoid wasting time on repetitive tasks. Data integration undoubtedly saves time and costs. 

Microsoft Business Central PrestaShop integration

Valuable things not to be missed

When solving your business challenges, an integrated data solution undoubtedly helps. Success usually lies in the tools you choose to use to help your company grow. Our Connect product is meant for online businesses that want to grow, scale, and go cross-border. Data integration between PrestaShop and ERP makes the above-mentioned challenges easier to handle. Why do you need it? 

1. Centralized information means you significantly reduce manual work and lessen the number of human errors. 

2. Real-time data synchronization enables effective supply chain management, re-stocking control, and better customer satisfaction. 

3. Fast data updates indicate a more convenient shopping experience and no delay in making important decisions. 

ERP exports field information to your eShop: 

1. Items 

2. Price lists 

3. Inventory 

4. Order statuses 

ERP exports and imports field information to your eShop: 

1. Customers 

2. Orders 

Microsoft Business Central and PrestaShop benefits

Keep calm and enjoy the benefits

Unfortunately, many small and medium businesses delay implementing the ERP system due top perceived high cost and complicated implementation. Having their doubts in mind, we've looked carefully at available solutions to choose the most SME-friendly one. That is why our Connect product links PrestaShop with a cloud-based Microsoft product - Dynamics 365 Business Central. The easy to install integrative module seamlessly and automatically exchanges crucial information between two systems: catalog of inventory, price lists, availability of stock at different locations, customers data, order statuses, and much more. In other words, Connect by Invertus fully synchronizes customers' cards, orders, orders statuses between PrestaShop and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (a free to try Softera.eCom module is required). 

You will not need to manually update price lists in your eShop anymore: it will automatically synchronize it with the one in ERP. Your inventory data (including pictures) will accurately appear in the eShop (or multiple ones if you run a multi-store layout). Think of how many times you had to apologize to your customers for the inaccuracy of product data or shipment, which you couldn’t post due to a shortage of stock? How many times did you have to handle returns when the wrong product was shipped? Leave all of your growth-related pains behind: the integration between PrestaShop and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is flexible and easy to install, yet it has capabilities of all enterprise-level functionalities unlocked by simply upgrading your subscription plan. Your eShop and ERP can grow efficiently to match your business needs. 

The package includes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP subscription, PrestaShop store, Connect by Invertus integration, and a Microsoft-certified Softera.eCom integration. 

Stop delaying your business digitization. Integrate your store with the ERP, and let your business thrive!

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