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Facebook ads: 6 tips to improve the ROI of your campaigns

Advertising on Facebook is one of the smartest marketing strategies you can pursue. After all, hundreds of millions of people use Facebook every day, so putting your ads on this massive platform can maximize your brand reach and presence.

That said, you have to use Facebook ads wisely and strategically to yield top results. Today, let’s take a look at seven tips you can use to improve the ROI or return on investment of your ad campaigns.

Target your audience with detail

For starters, you should target your audience with as much detail as possible. The more specific, personalized, and relevant your Facebook ads are, the more likely they are to drive clicks to your site's landing pages.

With that in mind, gather as much information on your target audience as you can. Figure out their demographic and geographic information, then use that in your advertisement copy, graphics, and SEO settings.

Improve your landing pages

Of course, your Facebook ad campaigns won’t have high ROI if they lead to less than stellar landing pages. Your brand landing pages need to be navigable, streamlined, and enjoyable to use. Otherwise, it won’t matter how effective your ads are. People will click through to your landing pages, then immediately click away to another site if they find them to be subpar.

Take advantage of A/B testing

A/B testing involves creating two very similar versions of the same advertisement or marketing material, then seeing which does better. Practice A/B testing as often as you can, particularly if you have lots of similar ads being sent out to your target audience members.

When you figure out which versions of your advertisements perform the best, take content from those high-performing ads and use them everywhere. This is a good way to continually iterate on and improve your Facebook ad campaigns over time.

Use video ads often

You should also consider trying to make as many video Facebook ads as possible. Like classic television commercials, video ads are compelling, interesting, and more likely to result in a click to your brand’s landing page or product pages.

AI is also having a huge impact on marketing, but video ads remain one of the most popular marketing material formats. They’re engaging, visual, and have a much greater likelihood of connecting with your target audience members on a deep level.

To that end, try to come up with brand awareness video ads, product video ads, and other ad types based on your marketing budget and production capabilities. If you ever have the choice between a video ad and a static ad, choose the video advertisement.

Favor desktop ad placements

Generally, you should try to place your Facebook advertisements in desktop ad slots. For example, you might use carousel ads on Facebook. This simple and engaging advertisement format is very easy to set up and shows prominently on users’ desktop devices.

Why focus on desktop devices? Many people who click through Facebook ads to landing pages or product pages do so on desktop computers rather than mobile devices. You can use this information to your advantage. Don't discount mobile advertising entirely, of course, but most of your marketing focus should be on desktop-ready ads, as that's when most people are willing to click to a brand site and potentially do some online shopping.

Focus on the CTA button

The CTA or call to action button is also highly important. Generally, your CTA button should be:

  • A different color from the rest of the advertisement
  • Noticeable. The best CTAs visually pop
  • Set up with engaging copy that convinces someone to check out your brand

You should use A/B testing with your CTA buttons. A good CTA button could convince someone on the fence to click to a product or landing page where they might not otherwise.

Don’t ignore retargeting

Lastly, don’t forget to send out some Facebook retargeting ads from time to time. Retargeting ads are specifically sent out to people who start the buyer journey or sales funnel for your business. For instance, they might visit your store landing page, but not follow through with a purchase and abandon their shopping cart.

Retargeting ads are highly effective since they target people who are already almost customers. When leveraged properly, you can use retargeting ads to boost ROI by maximizing profits. Make your retargeting ads so they answer customer concerns or pain points, and consider including special deals or discounts in their text or copy to convince a prospect to give your brand a chance.

Wrap up

In the long run, focusing on these tips will help your Facebook ads perform better than ever. Remember to use these ads in conjunction with each other; combining the above tips will maximize your ads’ success rates and bolster your marketing ROI in no time.

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