Discover the Customer Reviews module available in version 1.7.6 of PrestaShop!

Reassurance on an online store plays a huge part in building trust between merchants and visitors. This is usually obtained by a clear display of contact details, diverse trust badges or dedicated pages for “Secure Payment” and “Free returns”. Your online stores' visitors will very often look for reassurance in the customer reviews expressed directly by other clients.

These reviews are a vote of confidence for visitors who might be undecided about making a purchase, and this will be the case for all areas of activity and product types. 70% of users do read the customer reviews before making a purchase and 60% are themselves likely to leave a review (study by Fevad 2018). These figures are even higher for websites selling tech-related products (computers, smartphones, electronics).


Why install this feature on my website?   

As you already know, customer reviews are a must-have when it comes to reassuring new visitors and improving your brand reputation. By building high levels of trust, you will naturally increase both your conversion rate and your sales! 

And you will also improve your ranking and visibility on Google. When you display customer reviews on your website, you actually create content and key words that improve your SEO.

And at last, customer reviews are a way to provide additional information about products, its materials, its size (“small size”), about delivery times, etc. and also to gather customer feedback which in turn will allow product improvements.

For all these reasons, we think that using customer reviews as a native feature is a real must. Now you'll find the Customer Reviews module in version 1.7.6 of PrestaShop!


What are the key features of this module? 

This module, already available in version 1.6, now has a fresh new look, and offers new features and a more modern site design.

Once the module is installed and enabled, your customers will be able to:

  • Leave a review with a rating out of 5 based on the criteria defined by the merchant, together with a title and description;

Review with a rating out of 5

Review with a rating out of 5

  • Go to the product page to find all reviews left by website customers, together with the date and the customer name (if logged into account);

Reviews left by website customers

  • State whether or not they find a review helpful (if this option is enabled) or report abuse if they find a comment inappropriate.

As a merchant, you are able to configure, enable or disable certain options directly from the module configuration interface:

  • Moderate the reviews left for your products: if you enable this option, all the reviews left for products in your catalog will be flagged for validation before being displayed on your website. You will also be able to deny publication of a review;

Moderate product reviews

  • Allow your guest visitors (not logged in) to leave a product review;
  • Allow your customers to vote (thumbs up or thumbs down) on the reviews posted;
  • Configure a minimum time interval between two reviews left by the same user;
  • Define the rating criteria for the customer together with a name and application scope (the entire catalog, restricted to one or more categories, or restricted to one or more products);
  • Define the number of comments per page.

In addition, this version of the module now includes rich snippets, which enhance the search results on Google. By directly displaying the stars associated with the reviews during a search, you will increase your visibility and your click-through rate.


Where can I find this module? 

Available in the very latest version of PrestaShop, version 1.7.6, and in versions 1.7 and later. 

Install version 1.7.6 right away or update your store to enjoy all the new features added!

Are some features missing from the module? Go to the PrestaShop Addons marketplace to find all Customer Reviews modules that offer more advanced features.


Frequently asked questions

I’m using version 1.6 and I want to upgrade or migrate to PrestaShop 1.7. Will I still be able to use the same module and keep all my comments?

Of course! By updating your module to the new version (4.0.0), your module will be fully compatible with version 1.7 of the software, and will retain your existing configuration as well as those all-important customer reviews.

Is the module GDPR-friendly? 

The module is compatible with the official PrestaShop GDPR compliance module (developed by PrestaShop), which means that if you use both modules for your store, you will be able to hide the customer name fields from a product review left by any customer who has requested that their data be deleted. Deleting a customer directly from the back office system will have the same result.

I’ve just found a bug in the module - what should I do?

If you meet with any issues when using the module, or wish to make suggestions on how to improve its features, please visit Github to create a ticket (bug report or feature request) and let us know. We process all community tickets frequently in order to provide a prompt response.

I can’t find the module in my back office - what should I do?

The module is available for installation in the Modules Catalog page. You should be able to find it by searching for “Customer Reviews” or “Product comments” in the search bar. If not, you can also download it from Github and then proceed with a standard module installation from there.

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