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AI is revolutionizing acquisition

Whether predictive or generative, AI is also transforming the advertising market. Its ability to collect and analyze data in real time makes it possible to optimize advertisement placements according to the context and behavior of Internet users. As far as generating text and images, it boosts the services offered to advertisers by tech giants Google, Meta and Amazon.


  • Generative AI, an essential asset for ecommerce
  • AI, an ally for your visual creativity
  • Conversational AI to boost customer relations

Optimized campaigns

Like marketing automation, artificial intelligence has disrupted online advertising. It now makes it possible to target Internet users precisely, based on their browsing behavior and interests. It also relies on predictive marketing and programmatic advertising to offer personalized ads in the right location. Finally, AI promotes contextual targeting based on the analysis of webpages.

86 billion euros In Europe, the advertising market reached 86 billion euros in 2022 (+9.8%).

AI enriches Google's offers

After announcing the integration of AI into its search engine, Google presented the new services developed for businesses. The first is a chat that, thanks to Google AI, facilitates the creation of campaigns, generates keywords, titles, descriptions, images and other relevant elements.

The second concerns the automated creation of advertising assets (ACA) to help brands improve the relevance of their ads by adapting messages in real time to Internet users' requests.

Using AI, Performance Max searches for potential customers based on your goals and delivers the most suitable ad, with the optimal bid, to maximize your campaign's performance. Performance Max also makes it possible to increase available opportunities by positioning yourself on YouTube, Display, Gmail or Maps.

Finally, thanks to generative AI in Shopping, the new Product Studio feature offers advertisers the ability to create and edit product images inside scenarios.

Leveraging the power of AI for ecommerce

48,4% Google and Meta hold 48.4% of the Western advertising market.

AI Sandbox, Meta's version of AI

This new assisted-advertising tool using generative artificial intelligence was designed to help vendors create their ads. It offers 3 specific features:

  • Generating several versions of a text to test your message
  • Creating backgrounds from a textual request
  • Image cropping

The group also announced future developments for its Meta Advantage+ advertising campaign program that, thanks to AI and machine learning, will offer even more precise targeting.

Amazon deploys AI for its marketplace customers

The ecommerce giant who has announced the launch of a more conversational and efficient Alexa, powered by a new, more powerful LLM (large language model), is also improving its tools for generating ads for its marketplace customers.

AI opens up new perspectives for online customer acquisition. Google's Performance Max and Meta's AI Sandbox already enable advanced automation, deeper data analysis and unparalleled personalization. By leveraging these innovations, marketers can maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns, reach more targeted audiences and significantly increase their return on investment (ROI).

By leveraging these innovations, marketers can maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns, reach more targeted audiences and significantly increase their return on investment (ROI).

AI, your best ecommerce ally?

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