Adding a product configurator to your PrestaShop store


Are you thinking about selling custom products on your PrestaShop online store? Today’s consumers want to stand out from the crowd and they know exactly what they want. Offering customization makes them feel like they are the designer. They can add their personal touch, taste and creativity to the process. It’s an engaging experience that goes beyond the simple purchase of a product.

Customization as a competitive advantage

More and more businesses are using customization as a key differentiation strategy. Allowing your customers to choose colors and materials, add components or even their name on your product will definitely get them excited, set your brand apart and turn them into brand ambassadors. Differentiating your products is also important, since it's now easier to compare products based on price than ever before.

A growing trend

Customization is a growing trend across many verticals, from sporting goods to furniture, jewelry, shoes, fashion, electronics and even food. It’s becoming increasingly popular because consumers are getting comfortable buying online and being specific about what they want.

Únic Custom Racewear are using MyCustomizer to sell highly customizable mountain biking shorts and jerseys on PrestaShop.

Better engagement time and conversion rates

Merchants selling customized and personalized products are reporting increased engagement time and conversion rates. Your customers will obviously spend more time on a product page allowing them to design their own perfect product than on a regular product page. If they are spending more time interacting with your product, they are more likely to add it to their cart.

Increased profit margins

Thanks to flexible work processes, companies are now able to customize products for individual customers in high volumes and at a relatively low cost. But the best thing is that you can charge more for customized products and customers will buy. A recent consumer review by Deloitte reported that 1 in 5 consumers are willing to pay a 20% premium for customized products.

Building a product customizer from scratch

Nobody in their right mind would build an ecommerce store from scratch because there are great platforms like PrestaShop. Yet, the first instinct might be to hire an agency and have them develop your product configurator. Unless you have several months ahead of you and a very high budget, we recommend using a ready-to-use software as a service (SaaS) solution.

Software as a service solutions

More often than not, a SaaS will be hosted in the cloud, getting you access to free and automatic updates and liberating your team from spending days working on software or server upgrades.

More importantly, a ready-to-use product customizer solution, like MyCustomizer, will allow you to create and update your customizer easily with a content management system and connect with your PrestaShop account in a few clicks. You will get to go live and start making your first sales much faster. From there, you can measure the impact of your customizer and iterate to make it better. 


Providing the opportunity for customers to own a unique product that perfectly suits their tastes improves your brand experience and increases customer satisfaction, word of mouth, and referrals. It certainly is an innovative way to position your brand ahead of the pack. Thanks to solutions like MyCustomizer, it’s easier and more accessible than ever to add such an experience on your PrestaShop store.


MyCustomizer empowers you to sell custom products online. Build an outstanding product configurator yourself — no coding skills required. We take care of technology so you can focus on what you do best : building and selling great custom products.

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