6 Simple Content Ideas for your About Us Page

If you’re like most writers, you find that writing about yourself always seems impossible. No matter how long you stare at the blank page, simply thinking about writing content about yourself brings on a bout of writer’s block. It’s probably the reason the content for your About page has gone unfinished… until now.

Today we’re sharing 6 simple content ideas to help you write your About Us page. If you’re lacking content, we’ll give you examples of what you can include. If you have too much content, we’ve also got you covered with helpful questions to narrow it down. Whether you’re drafting your About Us page for the first time or simply updating it, read on for content ideas. You’ll be done in no time!

Before you even start coming up with content, you’ll need to identify your audience. If you’re running an online store, the About Us page should be directed towards customers who want to get to know your brand better. Keep this person in mind when you’re trying to figure out what you want to say.

1. Company History

The easiest place to start is by telling the story of how your shop came to be. This works well if your store has been open for a long time, even if you only recently started selling online. Start at the very beginning with the original founders and their reasons for starting the business. If your history starts to get too long, break it down into major milestones, then plot them on a timeline. Too many key events? Opt for milestones that interest the audience. For example, the date you joined the company may be interesting to you, but not to your audience.

If you’ve just launched your online business, don’t make up a company history. Nothing destroys trust faster than finding out a merchant lied. Rather than focusing on company history, you can choose to highlight your professional or personal life. Just be sure it adds to the story of your shop; otherwise, simply leave this section out.

2. Share Your Passion

Ask yourself, “What do I love about what I do?” and “Why?”

Deep down, you already know why you love what you do, this page is where you can share that with your customers. If you’re not quite sure why you sell the product you’ve selected, you’ll have to dig deep and think. No matter what you love or why you love it, someone will be able to relate to it – as long as it’s authentic. In other words, if you’re still not sure about your answer, don’t make something up!

Sharing why you love what you do makes the shopping experience more personable for the customer. Customers are no longer making a purchase from just another website. They are making a purchase from someone who shares the same or a similar passion.

3. Company Mission or Vision

If your product or service is “revolutionary”, it is crucial that you include your company mission or vision. Use this opportunity to detail the problem that your product/service solves for your customer. Then share your expectations for the future of your company. Sharing your company vision helps sell potential customers on the idea behind a new product. If they weren’t completely sold on the product, this is your last opportunity to convert them.

If you sell regular products that aren’t new, listing your company mission or vision can also help define your shop’s overall goals. Again, make sure that if you include your mission, it must be relatable for the reader.

4. List Partner Companies

Work with some great companies? Show them off while you leverage their credibility – just be sure you have permission to use their logos. Here are examples of types of companies you can list:

  • Investors – Any company or individual person who has given your company money
  • Suppliers – The company you purchase products from
  • Manufacturers – The company or brand that makes the product
  • Retailers – A company that sells your products for you in a physical store
  • “As seen in” publications – List any notable publications you’ve been featured in
  • Non-profit organizations – Include any organizations you donate to or actively support

Keep in mind that the focus of this page is to showcase your company. List only the companies that add to your ability to tell your shop’s story.

5. Testimonials

If you’re in the habit of brushing off compliments, it’s time to stop. Good customer testimonials can be very helpful in acquiring new customers. When someone offers a compliment, accept it graciously then (if it’s an appropriate time), ask for permission to publish their testimonial.

Don’t have testimonials available? It doesn’t hurt to ask for one. A great time to ask for a testimonial or referral is when you speak directly with a customer who is happy with your product or service. Keep in mind that testimonials don’t always have to come in the form of a traditional quote about your shop.

You can ask customers to like your social media pages to build a presence. External sources of praise for your shop helps you build credibility. Great testimonials reassure potential customers of your product or service.

6. Images

Use images to show customers what your company is all about. Whether you choose to focus on the staff that runs your website, the working space or company mascot, images can go a long way towards giving customers a firsthand look into your company. Be sure to include a caption for each picture so your audience clearly understands the message you want to get across with your images.

If you choose to use images as the main focus of your “About us” Page, remember that they shouldn’t detract from your company’s narrative. Use them strategically to not only highlight what’s important, but also to connect with the customer.

Key Takeaways

About Us pages can help companies connect with their customers. Use one or mix a few of these ideas to get started. Just be sure to keep these tips in mind:

  • Tell your story from the very beginning.
  • Put your passion front and center.
  • Share your hopes and dreams through your vision.
  • Leverage trust from partners.
  • Build trust with customer testimonials.
  • Use images to illustrate your story.

Ready to update your online shop’s About Us page? What are you waiting for? From your PrestaShop back office, navigate to Preferences > CMS > About Us. Want to see some examples? Check out the PrestaShop showcase. Let us know your favorite examples in the comments below.

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