PrestaShop Checkout, a brand new simplified payment solution!

PrestaShop and PayPal have joined together to offer you the best simplified payment solution this September. An unprecedented solution to attract more customers. In France and internationally, optimize your conversion rate and simplify the management of payment methods in your administration interface.

Discover the benefits of this new solution straight away!

PrestaShop Checkout, a 100% secure solution

PrestaShop Checkout is a new solution that allows you to securely accept all types of payments, credit cards, PayPal, various applications and local payment methods.

With PayPal, you benefit from reliable, 100% secure (3D Secure 2) technology, including anti-fraud detection rules management system that can block transactions with a high risk score. For example, if your card is used in a foreign country for the first time, while it was used in another country the night before, the transaction will be blocked. A multitude of rules and machine learning are nourishing these rules for maximum protection.

From late September, PayPal will provide merchants with a dashboard, inside the module, that will drive these rules. This tool will give you the ability to activate custom rules, create new ones or disable others with personalized advice, based on your experience with fraudulent purchases.

Key arguments for your customers who will face new transaction protection measures with the coming into force of PSD 2, the Payment Services Directive 2. This standard, which will come into effect on September 14, 2019, requires double-checking the identity of your buyers. During online payment transactions, verification with at least 2 of the following 3 items will be requested:

  • An item that only the buyer knows (password, code, etc.)
  • An item that only the buyer owns (mobile phone, smart card, etc.)
  • A personal characteristic of the buyer (fingerprint, voice recognition, etc.)

PrestaShop Checkout, a booster for your conversions

PrestaShop Checkout follows many optimized rules that increase the conversion rate:

- The purchasing funnel is simplified in order to streamline the steps that can make the customer abandon their purchase. Especially thanks to the PayPal purchasing process which appears as a popup on the same page, no more redirection to another page during payment. Pre-filling and, henceforth, the small amount of information needed for payment by credit card also help to support this conversion rate.

- One lost conversion out of two is due to the lack of choice when it comes to payment methods. By offering your customers the opportunity to use their common means of payment, including the most popular local solutions, you reduce the risk of them leaving your e-commerce site without making a purchase.

PrestaShop Checkout, an innovative payment experience

The performance of PrestaShop Checkout translates into the simplicity to manage and monitor all transactions in your store. You benefit from centralized management of your payment flow in a single module integrated into your administration interface, whatever the means of payment used: Visa or Mastercard cards, PayPal, local payment methods such as iDeal for the Netherlands, or Sofort very popular in Germany... all this at a commission rate among the lowest on the market.

PrestaShop Checkout is a scalable solution, with regular optimization and updates with the latest features offered by PayPal, so you can continue to grow your business online while providing an optimal shopping experience for your customers.

What PrestaShop Checkout brings you

  • Free and easy activation
  • An optimized payment procedure for all devices (desktop, mobile & tablet)
  • Strong protection for all your transactions
  • A solution compatible with all PrestaShop 1.7 versions

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Pssst! PrestaShop Checkout is live! 

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