Increase conversion rates through better shopping basket management

Contrary to the old saying, when it comes to online shopping, it's best for customers to put as many eggs as possible in one basket, especially if it's your online store's shopping basket. How do you get more visitors to your site to become customers? What are the simplest methods to you increase your conversion rate and decrease the number of abandoned baskets?

The PrestaShop platform, with its ecosystem of nearly 4000 specialised modules, is here to help you make your shopping basket page a genuine means of growth for your turnover and your online store; here is our selection of modules.

Social Login

Did you know that one of the main obstacles when it comes to buying on the internet is that the visitor or potential customer has to create an account? With the "Social Login" module, you can boost your conversion rate by allowing your customers to register and identify themselves using favorite social account: Facebook, PayPal, Amazon, Google or Twitter. This will help you save time, because we all know that time is money.

Total Savings

According to a study by Fevad, 15 to 30% of shopping basket abandonments are made when the order was almost completed. Encourage your customers to complete their purchases by displaying all the savings they make from the products in their shopping basket that are on special offer: you will increase your sales while improving your customers' experience.

Free Delivery Manager

Increasing the average basket size has never been easier. The module is a solution to offer your customers free shipping under certain conditions. This will result in an increase in order value for you, all while keeping your delivery costs under control. This module allows you to calculate the conditions required to activate free deliveries.

Cross Selling on Cart

"Cross Selling On Cart" acts as a valuable virtual advisor and allows your customers to benefit from relevant recommendations, thereby supporting them with their purchasing intentions. Define your products so that you can offer them as associated items to your customers when a customer is about to order one of them.

Browser tab notification (Favicon)

This module can be installed and set up in less than 30 seconds and displays the number of products your customers have added to the shopping basket next to your Favicon. This discreet and effective reminder informs your visitors that they have an ongoing shopping basket in your shop and can encourage them to place an order.

Cart Dropdown

According to Sale Cycle, 74% of your site's visitors will abandon their shopping basket without pressing the order button. Also, 23% of shoppers abandon a basket only because they have no clear idea of the total amount of an order during the course of their purchases. With the Drop-down basket module, your customers will be able to quickly view and modify the contents of their shopping basket without interrupting their navigation.

Display Add To Cart Button In Products List

This module will make life a lot easier for your customers. This will allow you to add the option to purchase grouped items in your customers' shopping list. The customer will then be able to adjust the quantity of each of the items in the list, and add all the items in the shopping cart with a single click, instead of adding them one by one. Practical!It's a simple as that!

Cart banner

With this module, you can display information to your users in the form of a responsive and personalised banner at the top of your shopping basket page. For example, it allows you to alert your visitors in case of longer delivery times, to increase the amount of the average basket by encouraging your customers to add everything they need before validating their order, to be an eco-friendly online retailer by encouraging your customers to group their orders to reduce packaging and deliveries, or to advertise an exceptional promotion.

Wishlist Buy Later

One of the main features of any major online store, adding the "Buy Later" feature to your shopping basket summary is a must if you want to improve your sales and boost your average shopping basket. This privilege is no longer reserved for these large online stores: with a single click, a customer can save an item rather than deleting it and forgetting about it. So, the next time they visit, they will find it immediately in their shopping basket and can simply add it to their order for that day.

Abandoned Cart Reminder Pro

Would you like to improve your shop's conversion rate by more than 15% with a minimum of effort? This module allows you to automatically send abandoned shopping basket reminder emails to your customers. Throw in incentive discounts to encourage your customers to complete their orders and lower the abandonment rate.

Pop Exit

Thanks to this new module, you will be able to customise the popup window displayed for visitors who are about to leave your shop. This small pop up window offers a temporary discount that should enable you to retain around 25% of your visitors.

  • The advantages of the Exit Popup module speak for themselves:

  • limit the number of baskets abandoned by visitors

  • improve your conversion rate by displaying the right message at the right time

  • easy to use for an efficient and immediate implementation: setting up and customising the module takes only a few minutes.

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