Image sizes and types for PrestaShop’s default template

Our first instinct when we plug in a new electronic toy is often to personalize it, from adding our own background image or customizing the homepage icons.

The same reflex applies to launching and designing an online shop. Whether it’s uploading a logo or product images, the first thing we’re itching to do is make it all our own.

To help you get your homepage personalized faster, today’s post outlines the image types and sizes you need to customize the PrestaShop default template.

Updated: July 17th Most of the pictures you upload to the back office need to be saved in a .jpeg or .png file type. If the image editing software doesn’t allow you to save the image into one of these file types, try exporting it to one of these files.

Banner Block

Banner PrestaShop's default template

The Banner block is one the first elements you’ll see on your new online store. It sits above each page of your website, so it has great visibility.

Use this area to announce any major promotions that customers can’t miss!

Suggested Size: 1110 x 214 pixels


Logo PrestaShop's Default Template

The most important image on your website is your logo. The size of this image can vary slightly due to different logo designs.

The maximum width allowed by the PrestaShop default theme is 200 pixels. The suggested height for this area is 40 pixels.

Suggested Size: 200 x 40 pixels

Image Slider for your homepage

Image Slider PrestaShop's Default Template

The homepage slider is probably the second thing you noticed about your shop.

The large, gorgeous images are not only attractive but move, which catches a visitor’s attention.

There are 3 default images in the slideshow; we recommend having an average of 3-5 images and no more than 7.

SEO Tip: You can add text directly to the image, but search engines won’t be able to read it. To improve your SEO, we suggest using the built-in text overlay feature.

Don’t forget to format and highlight important text with the header formatting. (Also, if you want to keep using the white text, be sure your image is dark so that the text is easy to read.)

Suggested Size: 1110 x 340 pixels

Product Images

Product Images PrestaShop's Default Template

The default product image will be used throughout your online shop in varying sizes. For example, product images on the product page will be larger to showcase the product but smaller on checkout when it’s just used as a reference.

But don’t worry: you only have to upload the product image once while you are configuring the product.

The PrestaShop software will automatically resize the images to fit with the default theme.

Suggested size: 800 x 800 pixels


Automatically add your logo to your product images to protect them from being used without giving you credit. Unlike all the other images we’ve worked with so far, you’ll need to save this image in a .gif format.

You can choose to make your watermark as big or small as you’d like--just be sure it doesn't detract from your products.

The little puffin on the product image shown above is 74 x 74 pixels.

Tip: Want a faded watermark? Configure the opacity directly with the built in module. You’ll also get to choose where you want to position the watermark with the included module.

Suggested Size: Any Suggested Type: .gif Modules > Front Office Modules > Watermark


Favicon PrestaShop's Default Template

If this icon looks familiar, it’s probably because you haven’t updated your favicon to reflect your website yet.

It’s located to the left of your webpage’s title and appears before every page of your online shop.

There are many favicon generators that can help you transform your logo into a favicon.

Be sure to save the final image as an .ico file type. If you have a very complicated logo, consider using another image to represent your online shop.

Suggested Size: 32 x 32 pixels Suggested Type: .ico Update this feature under the Preference Tab > Themes > Icons > Favicon


In a nutshell

Once you’re familiar with the different images you need for your online shop, use this cheat sheet for help sizing them.

Name in Back Office Sizes Format
Banner Block 1110 x 214 pixels .jpeg, .png
Logo 200 x 40 pixels .jpeg, .png
Image Slider for Homepage 1110 x 340 pixels .jpeg, .png
Product Images 800 x 800 pixels .jpeg, .png
Watermark Whatever  .gif
Favicon 16 x 16 pixels or 32 x 32 .ico


What images are you looking forward to updating on your website?

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