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How to surprise your customers to increase loyalty

Customer loyalty is a significant challenge for all brands, especially in the highly competitive world of ecommerce. With fierce competition and fickle consumers, surprising your customers becomes crucial. How can you stand out and offer a memorable experience? Here are some innovative strategies to strengthen the bond between your brand and your customers to foster loyalty.

Packaging: First Impressions, Lasting Impact

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Often, unboxing a product is the first physical contact a customer has with your ecommerce brand. Don’t miss this opportunity to surprise them with original, durable, and personalized packaging.

A well-crafted box, innovative design, or personalized message inside can turn a mundane act into a memorable experience. Packaging is a powerful communication tool that can reflect the values of your online store and encourage social media sharing.

Discount Strategies: Beyond Simple Discounts

Promotions and discounts are classic yet effective tools for customer retention. The originality lies in how you offer them: exclusive offers sent on customers' birthdays, discounts obtained through social media posts, or even promotional codes hidden on your ecommerce site or in your packaging.

The best ideas are often the most playful! Think of offers that encourage not just purchases, but also interaction and engagement with your brand.

Properly Celebrating New Product Introductions

Nothing sparks interest more than a bit of novelty. Regularly inform your customers about the latest additions to your catalog. However, don’t just make a simple announcement.

Use storytelling to tell the story behind the product, its unique benefits, and why it’s perfect for them. You can also organize private sales or offer exclusive deals to your most loyal customers. This way, your customers will feel like they belong to an exclusive circle.

Gifts: A Thoughtful Touch Always Makes an Impact

Gifts always create a moment of joy, especially when they’re a surprise. These gifts can be in the form of samples of new products, branded promotional items, or even free services for purchases above a certain amount.

The goal is to show your customers that you appreciate them, not just for their purchases but also for their loyalty. By exceeding expectations with these gestures of recognition, you’re not just selling; you’re building strong, lasting relationships.

This way, the message is clear. Each customer is unique and essential to your success, beyond just sales figures.

Personalization: Always at the Heart of the Customer Experience

Personalization is key to a successful customer experience and goes beyond just using the customer's first name in communications. It involves offering product recommendations based on previous purchases, personalized offers based on preferences or browsing habits, and even personalized follow-up messages after a purchase.

Various analytics solutions from PrestaShop are designed to make this task easier for you. These tools allow you to analyze customer data to offer a tailor-made shopping experience, thereby reinforcing the feeling of uniqueness and consideration from the brand.

Omnichannel Experience: Fluidity and Consistency

The omnichannel approach is a holistic solution that takes into account all digital and physical contact channels you have in place.

Take the example of a customer, Emma, who discovers your brand on social media, explores your website on her smartphone, then visits your physical store before completing her purchase via a mobile app. This journey illustrates the need for an integrated experience, where each interaction strengthens the relationship with your brand.

Ensure that customer data is effectively shared between channels to personalize interactions regardless of the platform used. Your brand image and messages should be unified, making your ecommerce site instantly recognizable and trustworthy. Finally, a smooth and consistent shopping experience with a responsive site, whether on mobile, tablet, or computer, is essential for conversion.

A successful omnichannel customer experience increases satisfaction and loyalty by meeting consumer needs wherever they are, at any time.


Surprising your customers to increase loyalty requires creativity, innovation, and a deep understanding of their expectations. By implementing the strategies in this article, you can create a rich and personalized customer experience. This approach strengthens the bond with your brand and encourages positive word-of-mouth. The only limits are those of your imagination. Customer loyalty then becomes a subtle art where every gesture counts and every innovation opens up new possibilities. So, what will be your next surprise for your customers?


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