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How to create a 'sticky' e-store and boost conversion with gamification

It all starts with a visitor, who may turn into a customer – but only if he sticks around long enough. Here are some ways to convert customers by creating a store that ‘sticks.’ Stores that ‘stick’ have one thing in common, they’re engaging. The more engaging, the more likely their customers will lead them to higher conversion rates and increased sales. Learn more about how you can gamify your store to create an army of loyal brand advocates that will stand the test of time!

Stick to a plan that’s fueled by Gamification

Get your shoppers into your store, convert them, and have them coming back for more… That’s the plan, right?

It sounds great theoretically, but how do you actually make your shoppers stick around? In case you have never heard the term ‘sticky’ before, we’ve got you covered.

The notion of your e-commerce store being sticky, is quite simple. Get your shoppers to stick around as much as possible and that would happen only if they had fun in your store. It’s more than likely that the longer your shoppers browse in your store, the higher the chances are that they’ll make a subsequent purchase, adding to this some missions that will give them discounts or points if they accomplish, that would be a bonus. There are great tools that provide exactly these features for ecommerce stores, an immersive experience that drives customers to purchase and refer your store to their friends and family.

1. Customer referrals program is your free marketing tool

For every one customer, you can market up to 10 for free through word of mouth. When you offer your customers a reward for every referral they do, it attracts new customers and maintains the current ones to stay glued long enough to make a potential purchase. Also social sharing is a great referral tool that uses customers’ credibility to create a wide circle of awareness about your store. Meanwhile, positive reviews offer a sense of trust and give newcomers the confidence to go with your brand. Good reviews also make it easier for customers to make a quick purchase, which will in turn increase sales. 

2. Create Immersive In-Store Experiences

A surefire way to create a sticky website is to give your customers a fun, exciting, and rewarding experience. And what better way to do that than through gamification. With the right tool, you can give your customers a sense of experience comparable to an in-store experience. So while we’re still not in the metaverse just yet, we can still add other neat features like customizable games, missions they can invite their friends on, or trivia. Including this strategy in your loyalty program will help guarantee your customers stick to your E-store. The more you encourage shoppers to interact with your brand, the longer they’ll stay on your site and eventually they will eagerly return to level-up and score more points for goodies.

3. Live selling

These days people are obsessed with visuals. The more visual you get with your brand the more likely you are to sell your products. Incorporating a live-selling feature onto your platform will garner everyone’s attention. Finding a platform that allows you to plug-in a live-selling feature that your influencers can directly connect to is a great way for brand advocates to share their experience with your products while engaging with your customers at the same time! While this feature isn’t available on many PrestaShop addons, it is available on some rare modules such as Gamiphy.

Gamiphy: All in one loyalty, games, and referrals

Maximize customer acquisition with rewards, gamification and referrals for maximum engagement. select your loyalty program and games to boost sales and captivate new customers. Reward customers with points using Gamiphy module and earn their trust.

4. Business intelligence (BI)

Once you have your customers interacting with your e-store, you want to be able to understand how they’re navigating through it. What content are they engaging with the most? How long are they staying on each page? Are there signs of cart abandonment? This is where deep learning and understanding of consumer behaviour comes into play. From learning comes understanding. In other words, the insights you acquire through your tool’s BI will help you make better data-backed decisions that will fuel your business in the future.

5. Personalized Content

Making better decisions could actually mean personalized content. Having a good understanding of your customers preferences, can help you create highly personalized and effective content that is most likely to persuade customers and drive sales. Employing an AI-powered personalization tool, will allow your business to smoothly increase conversions and retention rates.

There you have it. Five foolproof ways to capture new customers, keep existing customers loyal and entertained while getting deep with their data. With these things in mind, and a powerful tool like Gamiphy, your business will be boosting its conversion rates in the blink of an eye.

About Gamiphy:

Gamiphy is a customizable loyalty and referrals program that creates gamified experiences to motivate ecommerce customers to engage with brands and shop more. Gamiphy’s triad of loyalty extends from points, rewards and referrals, to more advanced features like live selling, social sharing, trivia and missions. It’s AI-fueled personalization and segmentation technology allows ecommerce stores to enhance their on-site offerings and in turn, create loyal brand advocates along the way. As an official partner of PrestaShop, Gamiphy continuously strives to create the most unique and innovative experiences for PrestaShop merchants, with new features regularly in development.

Learn more: gamiphy.co 

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