Extend and develop your customer relationship after purchase

Thank your customer for purchasing your products with a personalized note to surprise them. This way you develop a true, long lasting and loyal customer relationship. 

You piqued your customer interest and they just checked out their cart: great job! However, here is the start of a new step where building trust and customer care will be essential points for your customer retention. 

You should consider expanding the simple purchasing act by providing more information on your company and products. By creating a positive customer experience, you will establish a conducive environment and build real customer loyalty.   

Thank your customers for purchasing your products 

Do you like to feel special and celebrated? So do your customers! Show them they have all your gratitude and attention by sending them a handwritten thank you note. You will definitely create a “Wow” effect by offering more than they expect by leaving this personal touch in the mail/parcel.

Whether it is a nice personalized message, some goodies, or a promotion code, you will create a surprise that will engrain your brand in your buyer’s mind and will create a strong attachment to your brand. 

Compared to your competitors, this can really make the difference and can set you on the path to create a long-lasting customer relationship.

Sending a personalized note

Nobody likes to be treated as a number. Is your buyer a new customer or have they purchased your services for years? Were they referred by a friend? For every type of profile, it is highly recommended to define a specific communication scenario.

Segmentation and personalization are the key points to make your customers feel valued and make your communication more impactful.

Welcome your customers to your universe

Now that your brand is known and your product was purchased, it is time for you to demonstrate to your customers how your values and surrounding services can exceed expectations. Advise them on the use of the product, encourage feedback and share your support team’s contact. 

Remind them of your brand's values, its history and show them that these apply throughout the purchasing process, even after the purchase has been made. 

Direct your customers’ interest toward your shop

You’ve reached the first step of purchase, now there are a wide range of possibilities to encourage your customers to go back to your shop! 

# Advice and win-win relationship are keys

Though content creation requires a certain time investment, this allows you to maintain the interaction with your visitors and customers. Provide advice on a blog, tell them about your new product selection in a newsletter, etc. Day by day, this communication will make you essential for your buyers. Moreover this can turn into a great resource for you as you can get feedback from your customers and use this to understand their needs and expectations. 

Interacting with your customers is a good opportunity to obtain information: what makes them happy with your products? Do they like the new delivery service? The more you exchange with them, the closer you will get to understanding and addressing their needs. This will be a perfect way to improve your service and then your contents!

After product acquisition, encourage your customers to subscribe to your social media or even to your blog. This will extend your interaction and possibilities to see them return to your shop!

# Use promotion and discount teasers

An effective and simple way to attract customers back to your shop is a discount on a product. Whether it is for purchases over a specific amount or free delivery, you have a wide range of possibilities!

Even when you are coping with a dissatisfied customer, promotions can be great allies when properly addressing a sensitive exchange with your support team to bring back positivity in the relationship. 

However make sure that promotions are used for exceptional gestures and not systematic so they maintain a valuable impact. Use them as special rewards for special moments such as a birthday or after a certain quantity of products have been purchased. 

# Create physical / digital device interactions 

Whether it is a distribution or communication channel, it is relevant to reduce the gap between digital and physical devices through gateways. One example is including a QR code with your physical support. This can easily make the user experience more fluid by offering automatic customer recognition when logging in to your shop. 

Gateways include SMS, leaflets, notifications, QR codes, all aimed to efficiently support an after sale communication strategy.

Capitalize on your MarketPlace Customers

Extend and develop your customer relationship after purchase

Are you selling on Marketplaces and have no access to your customers’ email addresses? Simply add a note in your parcels to create the pathway for a first after sale contact to extend the relationship. 

The Thank Shopping module allows you to create nice Thank You Notes to insert in your parcels. You can personalize messages, include QR codes and automate sending scenarios to make sure each customer will get specific and relevant messages. 

The QR codes dashboard will be your ally when it’s time to verify your campaign efficiency with multiple indicators. You will then be able to test and scale up your strategy to progressively capitalize on your customers. 

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