Bulky items: How to increase your sales?

According a recent Salecycle article, two thirds of online buyers abandon cart during checkout.

Several reasons explain this high number: additional costs were added, there are not enough payment methods… or delivery costs are too high.

High delivery costs are actually reason number 1 for cart abandonment. More than 50% of online sales for bulky items do not happen because of these high delivery costs.

Bulky items: a booming market driven by ecommerce

Despite these challenges, the bulky item delivery is booming mainly driven by ecommerce and marketplaces rise. It is estimated to represent €1B just in France and €5.5B in Europe growing at 6% YoY rate.

COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digitalisation of Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). They are now selling more than 50% of their products online. Providing an efficient and affordable service has become a key challenge for these SMBs who do not have internal resources to manage this service. Clients are also more sensitive to environmental issues and want to favour companies who provide eco-friendly solutions.

Even though traditional players (Post Office, Fedex, UPS…) enable to ship small packages, there are no solutions to ship these bulky items who are too heavy or too big.

On this booming market where traditional players are struggling to innovate, disruptive solutions have emerged.

So how can merchants provide their clients with an efficient, economical and ecological delivery solution?

Capitalize on existing planned trips

Bring4You is answering this need thanks to its network of 200k travellers who are travelling and looking for goods to maximize their capacity. These travellers can be individuals or professional transporters.

This capacity optimization solution is extremely competitive, especially for bulky items. For instance you can ship a 30-kg table from Paris to Berlin for 59€ within a day. With a classical transporter, it would cost you €140 and would take at least a week.

Thanks to technical innovations and experience, this delivery solution is very common in Europe.

Ship anything anywhere

Thanks to this dense network, merchants can ship any goods in Europe. You can find below examples of what can be shipped through Bring4You:

  • Furnitures: sofa, bar, wardrobe, chairs, bed, carpet, door, bench, painting, table...
  • Car/moto: car, motorbike, scooter, bike, motor, tyre, wheel, rim…
  • Household and electronics: Oven, fridge, computer, television...
  • Goods bought online: Castorama, Ikea, Rakuten, eBay, Selency, Leboncoin, Gens de Confiance, Leroy Merlin, Vinted, etc.
  • Sports equipment: surf, windsurf,...
  • Gardening: mower, wheelbarrow...
  • Marketplace goods
  • Removal

The goods the most shipped on Bring4You are scooters, bikes, tyres, engines, sofas, motorbikes, mowers.

Show delivery prices directly on your product pages

Thanks to our expertise in bulky delivery, we can guarantee a delivery price in Europe for any good and any trip.

Your clients are able to directly see on your website how much the delivery will cost. Shipping cost will be directly link to the distance delivery. We offer full transparency on prices: you can access our prices at any time on our website.

Increase your bulky sales by 30%

By integrating our module or our API, sales increase by an average of 30% for your bulky items. The bigger the products, the more competitive the price will be.

Offer an ecological solution to your clients

By maximizing vehicle capacity, you are enabling your clients to reduce CO2 gas emission and have a positive impact on the environment. Clients are likely becoming more sensitive to this aspect. It is also an opportunity for you to stand for the values you want to share.

How to get started

Install the Bring4You module in a few clicks. It is simple and free. You can download it here and follow our installation guide if needed. No minimum deliveries are needed to use the module. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected]


Bring4You Module

The Bring4You module enables to ship bulky items at low cost. It can be installed in a few clicks and enables on average to increase your bulky items sales by 30%.

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