Amazon Pay optimizes the checkout experience for PrestaShop businesses with its latest release

Now PrestaShop merchants can optimize their checkout experience for Amazon customers with the latest release from Amazon Pay.

Friction is the leading cause of frustration in the checkout process. 26% of online shoppers abandon checkout because the process is too long or complicated1. Improving the online customer experience is now more important than ever.

Amazon Pay recently released its latest checkout experience for PrestaShop merchants, which helps improve the purchase experience and increase order success, while giving merchants immediate access to ongoing UX optimizations based on the latest learnings and technology from Amazon.

What is Amazon Pay for PrestaShop?

Amazon Pay is an end-to-end payment solution that gives hundreds of millions of active Amazon customers a familiar, fast, and secure way to complete their purchase through your online store. Shoppers can use the address and payment information already stored in their Amazon account to check out - avoiding account creation or the need to re-enter their billing and shipping information. The performance is continually optimised by technology, learnings, and best practices from Amazon.

What’s new in the latest release?

Increase customer confidence with a familiar purchase experience

Merchants can offer customers2 a familiar and standardized checkout experience, thanks to Amazon Pay’s hosted address and payment verification screen. If a payment is declined, a consistent decline experience helps customers gracefully recover from the declined payment. For merchants that have shipping restrictions, customers are prompted to select a different shipping address at the beginning of checkout when their default address is not supported. With these updates, you can reduce friction in the checkout process and decrease the risk of losing sales at the bottom of the sales funnel.


Amazon Pay optimizes the checkout experience for PrestaShop businesses with its latest release

Stay ahead of the curve

Merchants can also access ongoing optimizations from Amazon Pay based on the latest learnings and technology, without investing additional development resources. Examples of this include UX optimisations of Amazon Pay’s hosted page to drive increased order success and updates to maintain support for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) as required under Payment Services Directive (PSD2) in EU and UK.

Offer Amazon Pay in more places across the checkout flow

Amazon Pay can now be offered in more places across the checkout flow, including cart, mini-cart, add-to-cart, account creation, and payment pages.

Existing Amazon Pay merchants

If you are an existing Amazon Pay merchant, 1) disable the legacy Amazon Pay module in your back office and 2) download and enable the latest version of the Amazon Pay module. For questions, you can contact your Amazon Pay account manager or the PrestaShop partner support.

Getting started with Amazon Pay

Offer Amazon Pay in your online store today by following these instructions.

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