A list of PrestaShop modules to consider for a successful Black Friday and Holiday season

By PrestaShop Team

In addition to holiday sales, the Black Friday phenomenon, about a month before Christmas, continues to grow each year. For example, in the United States, 7.4 billion dollars were generated during Black Friday 2019 - 20% more than in 2018. The intensity and impact of Black Friday continues to grow year after year since it first took on Europe in early 2010.

Your online shop is no doubt already well prepared to face the most important online shopping period, namely Black Friday and the end of the year festivities, but we thought it would be very useful to have a selection of PrestaShop modules adapted to suit all your e-commerce needs.

Happy selling to all!

1. Prepare and fine-tune your marketing plan

  • SEO once, SEO always

    • >> SEO Expert
      Increase your traffic by improving your site's position in search engines! The SEO Expert module automatically fills in SEO tags, giving your shop better visibility on search engines and social networks.

  • Boost your visibility

    • >> Google Ads Conversion Tracking Pro
      This module is coded according to the latest Google standards. It allows you to send all your conversions and their amounts to Google, accurately and efficiently, so that you get the essential data on the return on investment of your Google Ads campaigns. Continuously monitor results, work on keywords and cost-per-click bids, and improve the overall performance of your campaigns.

  • Have ready-to-send emails

    • >> Sendinblue - Email Marketing & more!
      Newsletters, abandoned shopping basket reminders, remarketing, and transaction emails are all included in the Sendinblue module. Create great looking emails and automatically send a reminder to customers who have abandoned their shopping basket with a personalised message, all from one platform.

2. Optimise the customer journey, right down to the last detail

  • Facilitate the navigation of your customers

    • >> Ultimate Cache Page
      Several studies show that the slower your site is, the more people want to leave it and not come back. The Page Cache Ultimate module reduces page loading time and saves your customers time and comfort in browsing, which will encourage them to buy more from your shop.

    • >> Advanced Search 4
      Advanced Search 4 is an essential tool for shops offering a wide selection of products. It allows you to add as many search bars as you wish and position them wherever you want. The module's search mechanism is based on filters. They are the basis for perfect end-to-end navigation. They allow your customers to find the products that meet their search criteria with a minimum of clicks.

  • Increase your conversion rateThe key PrestaShop modules for a good approach to Black Friday and the end-of-year festivities

    • >> Pop Promo (Popup)
      With this fully customisable and personalised pop-in feature, you can immediately draw your visitors' attention to a special offer or new product without disturbing their browsing experience. Pop Promo applies the best practices recommended for these types of advertising formats.

  • Take care of the final stage: payment

    • >> PrestaShop Checkout
      PrestaShop Checkout enables you to manage all different types of payment methods on your shop, without redirecting your customers, thereby reducing the number of clicks, improving customer experience and boosting conversion rates. Don't lose your potential customers at the payment stage!

3. Adopt an adapted commercial strategy

  • Get the data you need

    • >> PrestaShop Metrics
      Thanks to this easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard, you can manage all your essential data sources (such as Google Analytics for traffic, sales data from your shops, etc.) in one place. This allows you to activate the right e-commerce optimisation levers based on your results. No more switching between different applications thanks to PrestaShop Metrics!

  • Suggest complementary and appropriate products

    • >> Advanced Pack 5
      Would you like to increase your average basket price while offering your customers savings if they buy a number of your products at the same time? Use the Advanced Pack 5 module to sell your products in batches and propose special offers to your visitors. Bonus: use the actual stocks of the products making up the pack.

  • How to capitalise on marketplaces

    • >> Amazon Marketplace Module
      Easily integrate your Prestashop shop into the world's leading marketplace and significantly increase your sales: Best seller and exclusive to Prestashop Addons, the Amazon Marketplace module is the No. 1 solution to sell your products on Amazon and manage your marketplace orders.

    • >> Marketfire Business Analytics
      Marketfire Business Analytics allows you to consolidate your marketplace and PrestaShop sales in one single interface. The module centralises VAT management, payment processing and sales reports within a single platform. How practical!

De PrestaShop Team

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