5 PrestaShop Modules You Didn't Know About That Will Increase Your Organic Traffic

Are you looking to increase your website’s organic traffic? With more than 3,000 PrestaShop modules, you can customize your online store, increase traffic, build customer loyalty and improve conversation rates. In the following, we will introduce you to five different Prestashop modules and how they can help you increase your organic traffic and make your ecommerce website a success.

Super Glossary Module

Super glossary module

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Price: 97.99€

Developed by: PrestaSite

Rated as: Bestseller module on PrestaShop Addons

With the Super Glossary Module you are able to create a glossary. In other words, you can create an alphabetical list of words with their definitions. These words and definitions can be related to your business. Furthermore, you can customize its design in order to make it fit your webshop.

This specific module allows you to describe different terms related to your products. It can be technical terms that need to be explained to the visitor of your website. By explaining the different terms related to your products, the visitor is more likely to stay and not leave your website in order to search for information elsewhere.

By using this module, you will be able to make your website look more complete and welcoming to customers. Therefore, it will also improve the user experience of your website.

It is a great idea to use the Super Glossary Module in order to improve your SEO work. By using the module, you will create a lot of great and unique content which most likely will contribute to the customer loyalty growing. You can see the Super Glossary module in action on Sokkeposten.dk here.

Sokkeposten example

And on another site, Rigtigkaffe.dk where it is used extensively. This website has added over 200 words, and has ranked position 1# and 2# on Google on many of the keywords shortly after they were added.

Rigtigkaffe example

A third example is NovaSolar.dk, who have used the glossary to explain abbreviations in heating pump terminology. This includes abbreviations such as COP, dB, GWP, KMO, kW, kWh, R32, SCOP, SEER and many more! These glossary terms are linked throughout their productpages, so that the user can read and understand the terms.

Novasolar example

SEO pages of product features and attributes Module

SEO modules PrestaShop

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Price: 97.99€

Developed by: PrestaSite

With this module, you can create product listing pages optimized for search engines. You can create the product listing pages using product features and attributes. When you select the necessary features and attributes, the module will create special pages for them on your website. Each of these pages will show corresponding products that have the same features or attributes. When the pages are made, you can add text descriptions, customize names, meta titles, URLs and many other things.

By using this module, you will optimize natural search (SEO) on all search engines. You will create content, which is optimal for search engines as well as for visitors when they use your website. This means, it will improve the user experience of your website and it will become a lot easier to navigate the page and find the different pages and products you are looking for.

SEO Meta Tags Manager Module

SEO meta tags module

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Price: 69.99 euro

Developed by: Mirindevo

Rated as: Bestseller module on PrestaShop Addons

This module allows you to easily generate SEO meta tags and image legends (ALT tags) by using flexible configurable patterns. It is a great tool to manage your SEO meta tags for your products, categories, manufactures, suppliers, CMS and CMS categories.

It only takes you a couple of clicks to edit inline or autofill the meta tags. The module can, moreover, help you autofill empty meta tags when saving different products, CMS, categories and so on.

The Meta Tags Manager Module allows you to make a selection of required resources before generating meta tags. You can, for instance, choose all products from a specific category, manufactured by a specific manufacturer, and then generate specific meta tags for that selection only.

This module will overall help you optimize natural search (SEO) on all search engines and make it a lot easier for yourself managing the SEO meta tags.

The module has been used on Frejaskind.dk, where the majority of the producttitles ahs been optimized, using the main category and the color feature.

Frejaskind example

SEO top products pages Module

SEO top modules

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Price: 97.99 euro

Developed by: inAzerty

This specific module will automatically create top products pages. It is great for boosting your site ranking, improving user experience and increasing your traffic

The SEO top products pages Module helps with your sales. It shows your visitors all your best sellers and it does it in a simple and effective way. It allows you to create new product pages for each category of your store while displaying, for instance, the TOP 10 products. It is up to you where you want these pages to be displayed on your website. By doing all this, the module helps you with emphasizing and highlighting your best products and, thereby, encouraging your customers to purchase them.

The module helps you, not only by improving your sales, but also by increasing your traffic on your website. Because search engines like pages with names such as “TOP 10” or “TOP 5” and then a productname, you may have a good chance of improving your visibility on Google and it can then increase the traffic to your website.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) Pro Module

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Price: 69.99 euro

Developed by: HiPresta

Rated as: Bestseller module on PrestaShop Addons

In order to improve your SEO strategy, you can use the FAQ Pro module. By using this module, you can make your website more attractive to Google. This can, furthermore, improve your visibility on Google, and it will then most likely bring a lot of traffic to your website and store.

The FAQ Pro Module allows you to create unlimited FAQs. Moreover, it allows you to group them in categories, add related products for each FAQ and display FAQs in product pages. You can also create additional FAC blocks and display wherever you want - in any location and page.

Furthermore, the FAQ module can help you to not miss potential customers. When customers want to find answers or when they want to find out more about a specific product, they will usually look for answers on Google. When they find the answers they are looking for, it will become much easier to purchase the specific product because they now know more about it. This is where your FAQs become handy. For the customer, it is a quick and easy way to find answers and when they find your FAQs, they are more likely to visit your page instead of other pages.

The FAQs are user-friendly, create high visibility with great and useful information and content that most likely will increase the traffic to your website as the FAQ pages get indexed.

Example of FAQ page, is from Rigtigkaffe.dk, where they have added over 150 FAQ’s using the mentioned FAQ module. Rigtig Kaffe uses the FAQ in their chatbot and their customer service system, to suggest answers to the customer enquiries and questions. It saves a lot of time, and as customers usually ask many of the same questions, there is a lot of time being saved in writing the same replies over and over!

Now you know more about these five different PrestaShop modules and how they can help you and your website increase organic traffic. These are just a few of them, but you can find many other modules on PrestaShop Addons that can help with increasing organic traffic.

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