15 Examples of CTA buttons to drive conversions for online stores

Earlier this year we showed you the importance of call to action (CTA) buttons, emphasizing the significance of placement, size, shape, color and text. What works and what doesn’t? Today, we share 15 examples of CTA buttons to drive conversions for online stores. Using examples from PrestaShop stores, we’ll show you CTA’s that convert with pop-ups, social engagement, home page features and most importantly, product page design. Let’s get started!

CTA buttons in pop-ups

Pop-ups in online stores can be very effective in drawing a shopper’s attention to a specific CTA. They feature a box or window on top of other page content to increase conversion. See how these shops use pop-ups:

What Goes Around NYC encourages its customers to sign up for their membership only shop by using this well-timed popup. This pop up only appears after a customer shows interest by clicking on a product - rather than being displayed immediately.

Tea Guys approaches pop-ins differently. This pop-up only opens if a customer clicks on the review tab. Once it appears, Tea Guys effectively encourages customers to leave reviews by prominently displaying the “Write a Review” CTA above the fold.

CTA’s that leverage social trust

To convert visitors into social media followers, these PrestaShop merchants leverage social trust. Social trust stems from the assumption that if lots of people like a company, they must be trustworthy. See how these merchant convert new fans by leveraging their current fan base.

Headict displays social media buttons with a counter displaying the number of fans they currently have. With over 8,000 followers across their three social media platforms, it’s easy to trust this brand and hop on the bandwagon.

29NUnder not only builds trust with their over 112k followers on Facebook, they make it effortless for you to become a fan. Customers simply need to click the “like” button. No new windows, no sign ups.

Engaging CTA’s on home pages

Home pages for your online store should draw your audience in and entice them to learn more. These shops encourage visitors to learn more about their products with great images and minimal text.

Adelineaffre shows off their products by displaying them in action, or in this case in a home. Seeing how products can be integrated into a customer’s life draws them in and encourages them to learn more.

Linden Leaves uses their home page to feature their natural skincare line. They draw attention away from the model and drives the shoppers’ focus to the products by putting the products directly in her line of sight.

Effective CTA’s on product pages

Although CTA’s are important throughout your website, the most important CTA’s are on your product pages. This call to action is very important because it is the customer’s first step in making a purchase.  With that said, we’re sharing great product page CTA’s and breaking down their copy (text), decoration, location and overall page design.

Great copy

BetterEverAfter’s product page targets brides building a wedding registry. To highlight this, they use “Add to Registry” rather than “Add to wish list”, making this page perfectly tailored for its target audience.

Funky Lama creates a sense urgency in purchasing their products by including the following message next to the CTA, “Last items in stock!” Want more words that urge customers to purchase? Try “limited time”, “today” or “now”.

Emphasized with borders

La folle adresse decorates their call to action with a cute icon and a thick dotted border. The decoration is far enough away from the product image so it does not distract, but is highlighted enough to draw your attention towards it.

Indie Soul also highlights their CTA button with a border. However, they matched it to their theme by using only a simple but dark border.

Location, location, location

Mon Colonel displays their CTA above the fold, making it easy for customers to find. This is especially important for products with lengthy product descriptions. As an added bonus they highlight this button using their web page’s accent color.

Although Eating Tools places their CTA after the product description, the short description allows it to easily sit above the fold. Aside from the location, this CTA’s size and boldness ensures customers can’t miss it.

Overall page design

Bobbies displays their products on a magazine inspired product page and uses their accent color to feature the CTA button. To further highlight it, they grayed out neighboring payment logos. The best thing about this CTA is that although your eyes are drawn to the CTA button, it seamlessly blends in with the overall design of the product page.

Creed Boutique also seamlessly integrates their call to action button into their product page. They achieved this without accent colors by simply inverting the CTA button’s colors. The contrast helps shoppers easily spot the button to encourage shopping.

Of course we couldn’t forget the online store for PrestaShop’s official modules and themes, PrestaShop Addons. Our Add to cart button is featured above the fold, making it easily accessible. Additionally, it’s located far from other graphics to ensure it doesn’t detract from product images.

Which of these examples of CTA buttons will inspire the ones on your online shop? Share your favorites – or any we may have missed - in the comments below. Not an online merchant yet? Download PrestaShop to start selling online!

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