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10 Powerful Modules to Integrate eBay & Amazon into PrestaShop 

eBay and Amazon are the top leading names in the world of online business. They have an enormous client database, creating billions of revenue every year from any industry and sector. If you are a start-up in the digital world and wondering how eBay and Amazon can work for your store, you have come to the correct place. 

Through this write-up, you will be a little bit away from integrating and connecting eBay or Amazon, or both into PrestaShop. It will open up new opportunities for your business by transforming two of the world’s most powerful and popular marketplaces into new deals and a large number of customers.

Let us now check out how to integrate and connect your PrestaShop online web store with eBay and Amazon with the help of the following modules. 

1. Amazon Pay 

Amazon pay is a great payment option from the popular marketplace itself. It is a reliable payment alternative that allows customers to log in and do transactions through their accounts. Amazon pay will help you create, follow up the loyal buyers, and enhance your overall ROI. 

It is easy to integrate with PrestaShop and is perfect for different business scales. After registering here, log in to the seller dashboard.

Download the plugin and activate the module in your PrestaShop store backend. Enable it on your website and test the addon. It is now integrated into your website and is ready to serve innumerable customers on Amazon. 

2. Amazon Marketplace 

Amazon Market is a perfect solution for exporting products on their platform, managing and importing the orders to your PrestaShop from the marketplace. 

It is also highly compatible with other modules like eBay ones. You can distribute your catalog to various marketplaces when you start selling on Amazon. 

It has automatic synchronization and product sheet update of PrestaShop with Amazon. It also supports multiple languages and automatically sends an invoice to the necessary person. 

3. PrestaBay 

PrestaBay module includes a fully supported backend with eBay all over the globe. You can manage your customers, inventories, and orders in one go from a single page. 

You can also convert your PrestaShop products into eBay items through this. PrestaBay supports multiple eBay accounts and is easy to install and use. 

Some of the most outstanding features of PrestaBay include catalog export, inventory synchronization, eBay dashboard, importing the orders, support for all the requirements, and flash actions. 

4. FastBay 

You can integrate your PrestaShop with an eBay account through FastBay within a few minutes. It is easier and swift to connect PrestaShop categories to the eBay account by adjusting the prices and discounts. 

You can link all the eBay features, manufacturers, attributes, and many other values. FastBay also allows you to customize and control the price surcharges on manufacturers and suppliers. 

It includes an advanced category of tree mapping with a dynamic search and sticky menu. FastBay also offers user support in multiple shop modes and the marketplace. 

5. Knowband

Knowband is another best solution to integrate PrestaShop with the eBay marketplace with real-time synchronization. It will assist you in selling your product on eBay and efficiently enhance your business revenue. 

The traders can extend their reach to a bigger audience group with Knowband. Through this plugin, you can update the products and the relevant details directly from the PrestaShop, updating them on eBay. 

It is also possible to include various international and domestic shipping options available. Knowband also supports multiple languages and currencies, thus allowing them to expand their business over any border with no limitations. 

6. Amazon Sync Marketplace 

You can synchronize the orders and products from PrestaShop into your Amazon account by installing this module. You can access all the advanced and basic functionalities of Amazon-like filtering the products by price, the number of items, automatic CRON synchronization, and more. In other words, Amazon Sync marketplace simplifies the interface for Prestashop product management with their platform. 

7. Amazon Connector 

Amazon Connector includes some helpful eCommerce functionalities streamlining the different ways by which you can control your PrestaShop web store. You can manually control the orders, products, imports and exports, synchronization, schedule delivery, and many more. There are ten languages through which you can use the Amazon connector smoothly. 

8. Ebay 2.0 Marketplace 

eBay 2.0 marketplace is one of the best plugins for PrestaShop with eBay integration due to its trustworthiness and stability. It allows the user to update the orders, detailed information about the products, the product support codes, and many more. eBay 2.0 Marketplace also submits any error report to you whenever anything goes wrong or is missing. 

It calculates the rates for product delivery on the PrestaShop grid and delivers it to your customers with the help of some renowned international shipping providers. Another outstanding feature of this module is that it can create eBay ads for the nations where it is available. 

9. Amazon Affiliate Shop Import + AWS Shopping Cart

You can earn up to 7% from the sale with the affiliate program of Amazon by integrating this module into your PrestaShop website. You can seamlessly import and manage the products from PrestaShop and display it on Amazon. 

It will also allow you to include automatic and manual synchronization of products, auto search, navigational tools, and many other helpful features. 

10. Import eBay 

Import eBay allows you to get complete control over the eBay and PrestaShop web store integration. You do not have to be tech-savvy for running or setting up the plugin. It offers different functionalities like Vat calculations, token configuration, image and thumbnail regeneration, and more. 

Final Thoughts 

We hope the above modules will be helpful to you if you are one of the business owners in PrestaShop and want to integrate it with eBay or Amazon. So go through the above advantages of each module and pick which one will be more beneficial in expanding your business further. 

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