PrestaShop VS OpenCart

Do you want to create an ecommerce site? Looking for the perfect CMS to meet your needs and make your business known online? PrestaShop lets you easily create and customize your store and does not require any technical knowledge, unlike Opencart, whose features are more complex.



  • 100% FREE
  • Relies on a community of 1,000,000 members
  • Translate your store’s content into 75 languages
  • Present in 195 countries
  • Manage orders and customer relations
  • Internationalize your store (taxes, currencies, languages, formats)
  • Bring your store to life (promotions, sales operations)
  • Advanced product creation and stock management
  • Advanced statistics table
  • Management of small, medium, and very large product catalogs
  • 600 native features
  • Over 6,500 modules, 5,000 themes on the PrestaShop Marketplace


  • Free, but what do you really get?
  • Less than 19% free and untested themes
  • Less than 21% free and untested extensions
  • Complexity in the customization of an ecommerce
  • A community of 550,000 members
  • It is necessary to have technical skills and knowledge to use this software
  • No tool to manage customer service
  • No native shipping tool (requires a module)
  • No advanced inventory management tool
  • Poorly suited to large product catalogs
  • Limited product characteristics
  • Not adaptable to RTL (right to left) languages

Main differences between PrestaShop and Opencart


PrestaShop is an ecommerce CMS that offers all the features you’ll need to create your ecommerce site. For each update, PrestaShop develops features and plug-ins so you can have the most powerful and most customized site possible. With each new version, PrestaShop has been able to add new features, such as the possibility of drop shipping through many modules, a multilingual site, and more.

But PrestaShop goes even further by allowing you to take advantage of features related to the internationalization of your store, including through right-to-left support, and is therefore adaptable to all languages that are read from right to left, unlike OpenCart which does not allow it, which is a real advantage.


Customizing your online store based on your desires can quickly become more complicated than expected and this can slow things down if you are not able to handle things technically. PrestaShop makes customizing your ecommerce site easy, with numerous customization modules that give your site the look and feel of your choice. PrestaShop offers over 2,000 themes on the PrestaShop Marketplace.

PrestaShop themes are high quality, responsive and offer a conversion optimized user journey. To customize an online store, OpenCart offers numerous free and paid themes that can make your site visually interesting. On the other hand, in order to apply them correctly, an expert or developer must be able to assist you, since managing themes and their associated features is more complex.

Ease of use

PrestaShop offers the advantage of being extremely easy to use and our CMS helps our users’ projects develop. PrestaShop lets you create an online store and develop all your projects, so you can reach your goals. PrestaShop can be defined by two main features: a customizable front office and a back office that’s easy to manage. This makes the tool very intuitive. Additionally, internal store features can be continually improved, thanks to a wide variety of modules available in the PrestaShop Addons Marketplace.

PrestaShop has a user-friendly, easy-to-learn dashboard that offers quick access to all the information, settings and performance of your ecommerce site. The solution is a good option for anyone with basic or limited technical understanding. OpenCart is a user-friendly platform that offers an intuitive, well-designed interface, which is easier to use than Magento, but more difficult to configure than PrestaShop. Knowledge is necessary in HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript in order to create a professional ecommerce site with OpenCart.


PrestaShop has a strong community following with 1,000,000 members. Thanks to the support of its community, PrestaShop is growing and developing.

Today, it operates in 195 countries and services almost 300,000 270,000 stores around the world. OpenCart has a small community,much smaller than PrestaShop’s, with nearly 550,000 members. As such, PrestaShop’s open source community is one of the largest in the world.

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