Built for PrestaShop modules

Grow your business with bespoke PrestaShop modules

A new generation of PrestaShop modules

Built for PrestaShop modules are specifically tailored to perform at an exceptional level. These modules cover different needs, such as marketing automation, admin tools, shipping solutions, and more.

The main difference between regular modules available on the PrestaShop Marketplace and Built for PrestaShop modules? This new generation of modules are designed to work natively with the technology used by most SaaS companies, and with the new PrestaShop Integration Framework.

Why prefer Built for PrestaShop modules?

Built for PrestaShop modules are specifically designed to meet your unique needs and allow you to:

Save time
Built for PrestaShop modules have been developed to be efficient, secure and very reliable, which means you can focus more on your business and less on technical issues.

Forget about website slowdowns
Hosted in the cloud, Built for PrestaShop modules don’t rely on your server to work and won’t slow down your online store, all while being GDPR compliant.

Enjoy more efficient services
Built for PrestaShop modules need less redirections towards an external service, which means less friction and a dractically reduced risk of connection errors.

Gain flexibility
Built for PrestaShop modules adapt to your needs: start with a basic plan and upgrade as necessary for more features.

Have access to the newest functionalities
The most innovative technologies are available on the PrestaShop Marketplace as Built for PrestaShop modules (AI, virtual try-on, etc.) « 

Seamless integration

Modules labeled as Built for PrestaShop comply with a series of high PrestaShop standards, thanks to the PrestaShop Framework, a set of different APIs designed to make modules and online stores work together smoothly.

This means you can now create accounts and subscribe to third party services directly from the back office.

Step into an new PrestaShop era, look for modules carrying the Built for PrestaShop label

Store Commander

Store Commander helps you save your time daily thanks to its mass data management: catalog, orders, and customers.

Video with Viqeo

Viqeo is your ultimate video marketing solution. Easily create, store, distribute, and analyze videos to increase your conversion rate. Start your free trial now.

ChatGPT Content Generator

Module GENERATES unique SEO-optimized descriptions for products and text content for categories or pages using ChatGPT AI.

Amazon Market Tool (Inter-Soft)

Amazon Market Tool, will export your catalog, handle your Prime, MFN, and FBA stock, prices, and process orders with matched shipping templates.

Sync Master

PrestaShop Sync Master service especially designed to perform import/update operations with the PrestaShop catalog.


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Built for PrestaShop modules

Grow your business with a new generation of modules