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Overview of the most popular ecommerce analytics solutions

For ecommerce sites, data analysis is not an option but an absolute necessity. The user experience on your site, the behavior of visitors on your pages, the conversion rate, the payment process... all this is data that it is essential to analyze in order to refine your strategy and improve your sales. Luckily, there are plenty of ecommerce analytics solutions out there to make it easy for you, and this article gives you a list of 5 of the most popular solutions.

Google Analytics: optimize your ecommerce with accurate data

It is difficult to talk about ecommerce analytics solutions without mentioning Google. Google Analytics is a very powerful and extremely detailed module, although it will take some time to adapt to fully master it since these functions are so advanced.

Thanks to the PrestaShop Google Analytics module, visitor journey tracking becomes possible, revealing the triggers for actions. This analysis is crucial to improve the user experience and increase conversion rates.

Among its features, Google Analytics offers a complete view of the customer journey across different channels and devices, making it easy to create a seamless user experience.

The tool provides key metrics such as product views, cart additions, clicks on internal campaigns, payment processes, and purchase history among others. This data is essential for evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and targeting new audiences effectively.

Boost your sales with PrestaShop Metrics

With PrestaShop Metrics, centralize all your ecommerce data in a single dashboard and optimize the management of your site while securing your information.

PrestaShop Metrics is a tool designed to maximize the efficiency of your ecommerce site. By integrating data from Google Analytics, it offers you detailed analytics of your business, from your site traffic to customer buying behaviors. This intuitive platform allows you to track key performance indicators in real time, with easy-to-understand charts and reports.

Synchronization with Google Analytics ensures an accurate and up-to-date overview, while unlimited access to historical data helps you assess your store's progress. Welcome features like email reporting and CSV export make it easy to share and analyze information.

Broaden your horizons with the country-specific dashboard

The country-specific dashboard is transforming how ecommerce owners perceive and leverage their international sales data. Using the Google Analytics API, this module provides accurate analytics on where your customers are coming from as well as their behavior, allowing you to effectively target international markets to increase your sales.

Whether you already operate internationally or you plan to expand your presence, this dashboard is the perfect tool to refine your strategy. It answers crucial questions about optimizing your product listings and your search, about the need to introduce other currencies, and about which countries to focus your improvement efforts on.

Therefore, this module is essential for any ecommerce with international ambitions. The country-specific dashboard also presents a real-time view of your top-performing markets. The tool that evaluates traffic, sales, and conversion rates to direct your efforts to the most promising markets.

With Hotjar, discover what your visitors actually do, thanks to heatmaps

Hotjar revolutionizes user experience analytics by using heatmaps to visualize the actual behavior of visitors on your site. These “heatmaps” accurately show clicks, taps, and scrolling movements, offering direct insight into users' interests and motivations. The company also says, "Hotjar shows you the numbers you need, and the real user behavior behind it."

Visitor recordings show actual user actions and help identify and fix usability problems instantly. Hotjar also makes it easy to collect user feedback through targeted surveys and instant visual feedback. This is a way to give visitors the opportunity to express their opinions and suggestions directly on your site or application.

Track your conversions with Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Google Ads Conversion Tracking is a crucial tool for merchants that want to evaluate and optimize their advertising campaigns. This module simply integrates into your online store and allows you to track conversions directly from Google Ads. Simply add your conversion ID and conversion label.

This advanced module is developed in accordance with recent standards set by Google and makes it easy to accurately send all your conversion data and amounts. The module then provides you with the essential information to evaluate the ROI of your marketing campaigns on Google Ads.

Google Ads Conversion Tracking also allows you to constantly monitor performance, and adjust strategies around keywords and costs per click. This is an essential support for increasing the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

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