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PIM and PrestaShop: How to Increase Your ecommerce Sales?

The web has become a primary part of the customer journey, whatever device they are using, be it a laptop, smartphone, tab, or PC. More than 50 percent of consumers use Google to research before a potential online purchase. People research and compare products before buying them. 

While consumers appreciate the Google results, they prefer the brand website to know more about the product. Your PrestaShop store will serve as a 24x7 query solver. To persuade visitors to buy your products, you need to pay attention to every detail of the web pages. Do you find managing multiple product references across several selling channels a challenge? PIM is the solution!

How Do PIM and PrestaShop Optimize Your Online Sales? 

Product Information Management or PIM is software that helps an online store admin to pay attention to all the details of the product datasheet. It can be challenging when you have to manage multiple product references and selling channels. 

You can connect PIM to your PrestaShop online store with the help of an experienced PrestaShop development company to simplify the detailing of your product description before presenting it in the catalog. It allows you to do collaborative management of product data enrichment, easy information customization for each channel, and show the status of each product datasheet.

Better management of product databases 

By using PIM, businesses get a solution for managing the product details of their eCommerce store. If you run an online and a physical store, managing products in both of them can be hectic. This software can help to upstream the entire product preparation across your eCommerce channel. If you want to change a product description, do it in a primary source, and the information will get edited on all your digital platforms.

PrestaShop is an easy-to-use eCommerce platform that you can integrate well with PIM software. You can create as many products as you want and customize them in your catalog. You get an abundance of other features like management of orders, statistics, push notifications, offline mode, cart reminders, optimizing the datasheets for SEO, and more.

Build the reputation of your brand and website 

Many consumers return a product because it does not match the detailed description on the website. In an in-store purchase, they can see a product before buying it and use the displaced pieces. Contrary to this, while shopping online, buyers rely entirely on the data provided by the eCommerce store to know a product. They will go through the product datasheet to check on all the available information before finalizing to buy it. They may also read the FAQs to dispel any doubts. 

You can win a customer’s trust by describing the product exactly how it is. There is no big way to trust a brand than to receive what you have promised to your customer on the website. You can post images from all angles and videos to show how the product works. 

You should provide piece of detailed information. PIM can help you with all of this. This software ensures that the datasheets are professional and do not contain any grammatical errors. With this software in place, you need not worry about incorrect or missing delivery costs, errors in the indicated price list, and unavailable stocks. 

If your brand delivers what you promise through the product details, customers will trust your website. They will come back to shop again and recommend your brand to others. That is why eCommerce businesses are increasingly choosing PIM software. It is a reliable source of data 24 by 7. The product and marketing teams of your business will use this system as the central element of information, and updating information on all digital channels will become easy. 

Impress your future buyers 

Surveys claim that 73 percent of visitors buy a product after watching a product video. You have more probability of attracting buyers with richer content in your product datasheet. Your product datasheet must hook the visitor within seconds, whether you are using written content or media formats. The first few seconds play an essential role in retaining a visitor, or they leave the site. 

Some vital elements of a product datasheet include a presentation video, product images from all angles, and a well-structured product description. You should strategically plan all the components to attract visitors. When your content converts a visitor into a buyer, you improve the conversion rates of your business. 

You can control the datasheet enrichment process completely by using PIM. It allows multiple users to contribute to enriching the product description. You can assign user rights to the members of your content writing unit. A workflow engine tracks your progress on each digital channel step by step. 

Target a wider audience 

Only creating an eCommerce store or bringing your existing business online is not enough. The people must know of its presence. To reach out to a larger group of people, your products must be available on numerous online platforms. Apart from an eCommerce store, launch a blog, catalog, and social media posts. Campaigning about new products and festive discounts is essential. 

With the help of PIM, you can control all the channels of your digital business easily. It allows you to broadcast new content, images, and videos on multiple channels simultaneously. It has a workflow engine that records the data stored on each platform and the progress of new content. 

End Takeaway

To boost your eCommerce store sales PIM software provides simplified product information management. With the help of its connectors, upstream your eCommerce platform. It's probably time for you to take your eCommerce store management to the next level by utilizing PIM with PrestaShop. Hire eCommerce developers to integrate PIM to your PrestaShop store today and manage your Omni channel business effectively.

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