Let your customers buy now and pay later.
Boost your revenue without any risk for your cash flow by offering the option to pay in x3 or x4 installments at checkout, with the help of Payplug & Oney.


Boost your conversion rate, your turnover, and your sales up to 70% by offering your customers a Buy Now, Pay Later solution at checkout.


Stay clear of any risk for your cash flow: all potential fraud and non-payments are 100% handled by Oney. And for each order, funds get transferred to your Payplug account and then to your bank account within 24 hours.


Offer your customers one of the best flexible payment acceptance rates on the market (up to 98%) and help them buy exactly what they want. Their next purchases are then made easy with 1-click payment from their Oney account when they return to your store.

Offer payment flexibility now

Compatible from version 1.7

An easy all-in-one solution

Customizable instalment plans

Determine the minimum and maximum shopping cart values to trigger flexible payments, between €100 and €3,000. With or without fees for your customer, it’s up to you!

Test mode

Test the module before it’s online and simulate its various features directly on your store.

As easy as cash payment

Guarantee your customers a simple and secure solution with an immediate response, all in a few clicks and 100% paperless.

One-day transfer of funds

Receive instantly the full amount of every order on your Payplug account, and recover the funds within 24 hours on your bank account.

Outstanding acceptance rate

Make sure that most of your customers can choose payment flexibility at checkout thanks to Oney and its best acceptance rate in the market.

One-click purchase

Ensure your most loyal customers a time-saving shopping experience when they return thanks to the one-click payment with their Oney account.


Help your shoppers buy what they need while increasing your revenue: offer split payments at checkout. Install PrestaShop Paylater in a few clicks and start building customer loyalty.


Control your spendings with a fully transparent offer and competitive fees.

With PrestaShop Paylater, the back office is very ergonomic: we can view all transactions at any time. The service is seamless and fluid. We receive the go-ahead almost instantly. In the rare cases where an application is rejected, we are informed immediately so we can take the necessary steps.
Guillaume Jacquelin, Founder and CEO of PowerGym
paylater-France Attelage
The set of functionalities included in PrestaShop Paylater allows us first of all to recover man time to focus on our strategic missions and therefore, work towards being more competitive. It is a considerable time saving for us because we manage between 7 and 800 incoming calls per day.
Charles OlivierDirector General, France Attelage

Manage payments from your back office

Run the multiple payment solution on your store directly from the PrestaShop dashboard.


Lean on two renowned partners for your store: Payplug, an expert in omnichannel payment, and Oney, leader in financing solutions.

Offer payment flexibily now

Install and set up the module in a few clicks.


Do I need a PrestaShop account to use the module? How can I benefit from it?

PrestaShop Account is a unique account that allows you to connect different new PrestaShop services to your store and facilitate their common management. You will have to connect an account or create one to enable this module. This account can be used to activate other services later on.

Do I need a PayPlug account to use this service?

To take full advantage of PrestaShop Paylater and to benefit from the payment in installments, you will be asked to connect your PayPlug account when configuring this module. If you don’t have one yet, you can create it directly from the module. To learn more about PayPlug registration, click here.

How to benefit from this feature?

You must complete your online registration in order for Payplug and Oney compliance team to verify that your company meets the following criteria:

You must sell primarily to individuals. Therefore, if you sell to B2B, the application cannot be accepted.
Selling sensitive products (alcohol, tobacco, gift cards…) and virtual goods, will also be grounds for refusal.

Note: 3x 4x Oney payment is available for customers whose billing and delivery addresses are in France, Italy, Spain or Belgium.

Where can I find information about Oney?

Here you can find the general terms and conditions to make sure you comply with the obligations of the agreement and attached to this article is a Oney training session to help you fully understand how the 3x 4x Oney works.

How long does it take to activate a PayPlug account?

Activation of a new account usually takes 3 business days after you submit the required documents.

Once your documents have been approved, the Payplug team may contact you to ask about your website and business. To learn more, click here.

In which countries is PrestaShop Paylater available?

You can register as a merchant and access the service if your company and bank account are registered in one of the following countries: France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Germany.

You can offer 3x or 4x payments in the country where your company is registered and your customers must have a bank card corresponding to the country where you are located.

For example, if your company is located in France, only your customers with a French card will be able to pay in 3x or 4x.

What is the purchase path for your customer?

Oney’s 3x 4x is presented as a payment method at checkout.

When your customer selects the 3x 4x Oney payment method, he/she will be redirected to a Oney payment page where he/she will have to enter his/her card information and complete an application form.

Once the form is completed and validated, Oney receives your customer’s request and reviews it. The validation is done immediately and in some cases, a human validation will be necessary (24h max). The order immediately takes one of these status

OK: The payment is accepted;


KO: Oney refuses the transaction. This usually means that a risk has been detected or that a product is prohibited by the Oney Terms and Conditions. Your customer will receive an email from Oney announcing the refusal.

Once the payment is accepted, the total amount of the transaction is credited directly to your account.

You can be sure to receive the amount of the order immediately.



What is the TEST mode?

To allow you to simulate the back office and the highlighting on the product pages, we have created the TEST mode. We strongly encourage you to test the solution to become familiar with the different features offered by PrestaShop Paylater while waiting for your validation. To learn more about the PayPlug account activation and the TEST mode, click here.


What are the amounts allowed by law for the payment in installments?

The minimum amount to propose the payment in several times is €100 and the maximum is €3000 for France and Italy.

I still have a question that is not answered here.

Consult the PayPlug Help Center.

You can also contact our dedicated support team at [email protected]



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